• Obama

  • Osama Bin Laden

30% 9 votes
70% 21 votes
  • Bin Laden is dead and was dumped into the ocean like a decepticon last time I checked..... It would be hard to LOSE to Bin Laden in a fight tbh

  • I think the fact that Obama is breathing will give him an advantage...

    Posted by: Nyx999
  • I think obama could beat a dead corpse, how about you?

  • He actually did some killings, so he is experienced. The only killing Obama did is this country. lolz

    Posted by: leojm
  • I don't even think Obama's done so much as slapped a hoe.

  • Hand to hand combat, no question.

  • without obama's guards? Obama will be like "O mama!!"

    Posted by: rajun
  • If it was Bin Laden and his men vs Obama and the military, Bin Laden would be dead. However, if it is just one on one, I would choose the guy who is a wacked out lunatic with an AK-47who thinks he will get a bunch of virgins if he dies over a Harvard educated "peacemaker" with no respect for guns.

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yoyopizza says2013-09-08T18:58:43.8632568-05:00
It really depends on if you say osama is dead or alive for the purpose of this question. Dead it's obviously obama, alive it's obviously osama.
Anonymous says2013-09-09T22:28:22.2118725-05:00
I meant if they're both alive, hand to hand combat

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