Who would win? (Without Nukes) China? Or (Without Nukes) The United States

Posted by: some_guy34

  • China

  • United States of America

30% 8 votes
70% 19 votes
  • China because they do have 1.3 billion and we have around 17.4 million we are greatly outnumbered if a mass recruit were to take place in china. We may have more powerful weapons and vehicles but due to the outnumbering we would succumb very quickly if a war were to take place.

  • Zhongguo much stronk

  • Well China does have North Korea as an ally, and we all know that they won't follow the law "No Nukes". BOoooOooOoOM debate over

  • because we are -merica b!tch

  • We have 4x China's military budget.

    Posted by: Rami
  • We got a larger budget.

  • Okay one we have the largest military buget, two we and our allies have more man power and better technology, and three we have better equipment and our troops are better trained. Oh also you know how most nation that have an military made up of a navy, air force and ground army have an join system of command? Yeah well china dose not have that. Trust me we would win.

  • China wouldn't even be able to land on US soil, we pose the largest and strongest naval power in the world. Also our budget is much much much higher. Also, to the person that voted on china, out numbering the other side doesn't win the battle.

  • This war would f*ck up the economies of both of them, the question is whether it would be short-term or long-term economic damage. The US however would still win, considering USA has the world's best military. Cutting the military in half could still go against Russia, China and India combined.

  • The US, say China were to get ornery they may have more numbers, but they don't have the sheer force of the US army. They could come in waves, but it's hard to deny that a few well placed drone strikes, and the value of the US dollar changing the Chinese would either give up or risk a total meltdown

  • An American navy at its peak would keep the Chinese far away from our shores. They would have to fight their way to our borders, and by then they would be done for.

  • America has the sheer technological and monetary advantage to win... unless China could break the moral of the American people, America would never be able to take China and it is very unlikely China could take America. But overall America would probably be better off in the stalemate

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marshall45 says2015-10-02T15:38:38.4570465Z
All of the "1.3 billion" are a bunch of factory workers with a 300 calorie a day diet. They wont win
stargate says2015-10-02T17:19:53.9782812Z
Plus there army, well an lot of there training around 40% to 60% is propaganda.
endermend says2015-10-03T05:41:09.6006142Z
Zhong Guo! Zhong Guo! Zhong Guo! Mei Guo bu hao
UtherPenguin says2015-10-03T06:01:35.5813903Z
@endermend wo zhidào, zhongguo shì hăo.
hampster says2015-10-05T13:46:22.1397051Z
Neither Mother Russia would rule them all

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