• Hillary Rodham Clinton

  • Donald Trump

47% 9 votes
53% 10 votes
  • They're both terrible, but it would be cool to see a woman President.

  • Would it be possible to keep a straight face and say that Donald Trump would be the better choice for president? It doesn't matter what your particular leanings or issues are. It just does not matter this election cycle. He is incapable of coherent thought. He wouldn't just be "kinda bad" for our country. If he got his way, he would destroy everything that makes America great. When many, if not most, registered, dyed-in-the-wool Republicans are openly agreeing that he would be the worst thing to ever happen to our country... You just can't vote for this man. Vote Hillary, vote Libertarian, write in a vote, but for the Love of God and country--- please America-- do not vote for this man.

    Posted by: mola68
  • Hillary is far more qualified and only people who are politically uninformed would even consider Trump for anything but criminal behavior in "business" and of course vote against their interest because they are woefully ignorant of economics, politics, finance, free trade, inequality, and how Congress doesn't work or the House.

    Posted by: maslow
  • Donald Trump is not terrible, he may say some suggestible things at times, but what he believes in is good for our country and he's also not a criminal

  • Clinton's an outright criminal.

  • Hillary is a monster. We must never elect this atrocity.

  • Hillary is a lying, pathetic, pathological, and horrible person. Let's just leave it at that.

    Posted by: Ekooc
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TheChristian says2016-06-21T01:00:42.3973263Z
Do I have to choose? They are both just awful...
Anonymous says2016-06-21T02:57:04.5299955Z
Gary Johnson
maslow says2016-06-22T21:20:39.0904785Z
Since voting is private this poll is stupid.
maslow says2016-06-22T21:24:27.1171402Z
As usual NewLife Christian show us the hypocrisy of Christianity
Ekooc says2016-06-23T01:10:37.9525442Z
Sometimes I simply cannot believe some people are just going to vote for Hillary because she's a woman. You should never get something because of your gender, and because of this idiocy a maniac may become our next president. We need someone like Trump. Someone who will not be silent, who will not be controlled, who won't become a puppet to the people who have corrupted our country! And don't tell me Trump is spoiled and dumb. Not many people turn a million dollars into a billion, but if it really is that easy please do share, and I will apologize at once for saying it's different and does not make you a genius at business.
Ekooc says2016-06-23T01:11:57.2332688Z
Actually he turned a million into BILLIONS, just forget the S.
NewLifeChristian says2016-06-23T17:56:41.9507820Z
@maslow Are you following me or something? Seriously, find something else to do besides trolling people online.

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