Whose better? Eminem or Wiz Khalifa

Posted by: ASGTheGreat238

This poll is between two of the most famous rappers of the world:Eminem and Wiz Khalifa. Let's see who the world like more!

  • Eminem

  • Wiz Khalifa

87% 41 votes
13% 6 votes
  • Modern rap is nothing but sex, weed, etc. Old rap, such as eminem, has an actual meaning to their music. Modern rap is nothing but noise.

  • He is so lyrically brilliant its amazing <3

  • He is a brilliant lyricist who in many of his newer songs makes music much like poetry. He knows how to flow his raps and how to work with any beat. He has learned from Dr. Dre who no one can argue is a bad rapper.

    Posted by: Keagen
  • It's funny how everybody looks back to the mid 2000's as eminems prime. His real evolution started between relapse and recovery on up. His subject matter became more about intelligent wordplay, speedy lyrics and a message that is trans continental which any age group can identify with, via a 70's rock hook, current events, color blind, being the underdog, humble, or bully, lyrics that fit together perfectly and rhyme, and the beats are secondary. He's a marketing genius that has told the truth and nothing but, from the very beginning, never raps bout net worth, or that played out fake gangster rap he's just brutally honest. greatest musician fuk hip hop they can have it back!

  • Eminem. This was a very easy decision to reach. Eminem has revolution the rap world and the music industry an incomprehensible amount. He has changed much of the stereotypes built amount rap over the last couple of decades. His songs have incapsulated our minds and thoughts with lyrics and beats, that till this day take my breath away. The thought and play on words that he has introduced to the game is something in another realm. Just to list a few of songs 8 lose yourself, not afraid, superman and stan (probably my personal favourite. He also had a movie about him highlighting what made him who he is today and how it got their (8 miles). HIs ability to overcome diversity and blow critics judgement of him away. From my personal experience I grew up with eminem's career prospering as he released hit after hit and didn't let his career settle down; he was always coming out with songs about his own life in a way where his words transported us to his life. Wiz Khalifa hasn't realised songs that has kept others in the rap game and music industry in awe, yes "see ya again" was an alright song (even though i didn't personally like it) but his songs just don't seem to home with me.

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