Will Christ come with 12th Muslims Imam (Mahdi) and help him to make peace all over the world?

Posted by: maysam.tammar

Because of the media, many people especially west people think that 12th Imam comes to kill people and , he is against Christ and Christians. But if u read real Islam references and documents, it’s clear that he comes to make peace all over the world and Christ is with him and helps him. He will just fight with some cruel groups and leaders and they are much less than the most people, and its necessary for making peace. What’s your idea?

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No, they will not come together.

12 votes

Yes, they will come together for making peace

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LemonDebates says2016-05-29T03:11:44.1833397Z
They won't come at all as they're both fake and made by humans to control masses.
rolaaus says2016-07-14T00:17:41.2509934Z
This poll needs a third option, as the TRUE Jesus Christ will be preceeded by the anti-Christ, who will persecute the Christian and Jewish peoples. However, the person that Muzzies claim to be Jesus returning is expected to "break the cross" (s in deny His soveriegnty and triune natire with Yahweh, AND persecute the church), and will "sacrifice the swine", which happens to be another anti-Christ prophecy of the "abomination of desecration" where a pig (an unclean animal) is sacrificed on the Holy alter of Yahweh. So, while the muzzies are expecting the "return of Jesus", they have been dogmatically programmed to identify the false Messiah as the real one!
lightseeker says2016-07-14T09:25:37.1565666Z
@rolaaus that's actually not true. Antichrist comes first, and deceives people. Now I'm not entirely sure whether this antichrist is a guy or a system or both. From what I've read, it seem to me that antichrist is more like a system at work that is deceiving people and maybe finally the person who is generally known as antichrist arrives and takes control of that system and is ultimately killed by Jesus.

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