Will the radicals on both wings start a new American Civil War?

Posted by: XxFoxlordxX

Should the violence perpetrated by both sides,(Antifa, Select Alt-Right groups,) continue to escalate, is there a chance for a new civil war?

35 Total Votes

Yes, and the Right wing would win.

20 votes

No, there wont be a civil war.

12 votes
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Yes, and the Left wing would win.

3 votes
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reece says2017-08-28T11:07:04.5216199Z
Qwzx, I've had enough of those gang signs.
Arganger says2017-08-28T13:06:31.7368808Z
Why is there know just "yes" option?
XxFoxlordxX says2017-08-28T17:14:01.4580594Z
If there seems to be anything off about this, there was a glitch when I posted, so it may have reverted back to before I imputed anything. Sorry if that's the case.
sadolite says2017-08-31T03:03:55.4644155Z
The left can't even figure out what bathroom to use let alone win a war

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