Women, Which Would You Rather Receive?

Posted by: reece

Verbal only.

  • Sexual harassment

  • Intellectual harassment

50% 3 votes
50% 3 votes
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reece says2016-07-02T06:28:57.8285589Z
Damn, I accidentally voted.
reece says2016-07-02T07:09:30.7421448Z
@triangle.128k It's okay if you have a crush on me. You don't have to act childish.
triangle.128k says2016-07-02T07:55:51.0661220Z
Stop being a faggot reece
reece says2016-07-02T09:44:02.5693562Z
Someone sounds insecure.
reece says2016-07-02T14:46:02.7078137Z
F*cking regressive conservative... Oh wait, conservatives have nothing to regress from.
triangle.128k says2016-07-02T17:11:40.8293156Z
I'm not a conservative, lol.
reece says2016-07-02T17:23:30.5805644Z
@triangle.128k ...And i'm not a regressive XD
reece says2016-07-02T17:24:35.7118169Z
Think that one through.
triangle.128k says2016-07-02T17:34:16.6825892Z
Any socialist is a regressive on my paper
reece says2016-07-02T17:40:57.2288631Z
Paper made from the sweat and tears of child labor?
triangle.128k says2016-07-02T17:59:53.2965389Z
Assuming Capitalism is to blame for that?
reece says2016-07-02T18:02:55.4456417Z
CAPITALism isn't responsible for regulating it.
reece says2016-07-02T18:04:54.3667286Z
Capitalism has no responsibilities at all. It's to make a profit.
triangle.128k says2016-07-02T18:05:23.7006635Z
Regulations benefit corporations.
reece says2016-07-02T18:06:56.4588581Z
@triangle.128k Yes, and what regulates it.
triangle.128k says2016-07-02T18:49:07.5060814Z
The government... Regulations benefit cronyism so we need a free market.
reece says2016-07-03T04:40:01.7589670Z
@triangle.128k That's only when corporations buy democracy.
reece says2016-07-03T04:43:56.3094775Z
A free market is only good to a degree. You wouldn't want one corporation dominating the market.
triangle.128k says2016-07-03T04:58:38.3972404Z
You obviously don't understand basic laws of economics. In a true free market, it will be impossible for one corporation to easily dominate above all. Competition will stress them out enough to where they can't establish a true monopoly. They may gain a fair share of the market if consumers like their products, but will they ever establish a true monopoly to where they can have prices skyrocket? No.
reece says2016-07-03T05:25:21.2968648Z
@triangle.128k I'm talking about a corporation, not a single company.
reece says2016-07-03T05:27:25.1008456Z
Anyway, i'm not necessarily talking about price manipulation.
mostlogical says2016-07-03T11:07:03.6341124Z
reece says2016-07-03T11:54:59.9391867Z
@mostlogical What would you rather talk about?
mostlogical says2016-07-03T14:24:45.2595780Z
Harassment would be nice

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