Would you ever refuse to date someone based on their political beliefs?

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JamN says2016-12-10T06:38:50.7766809Z
If you said no, it means ur fine dating a nazi
reece says2016-12-10T11:12:08.5322537Z
All the better if she has the uniform too.
reece says2016-12-10T11:17:41.6879893Z
Hate ****ing is the best ****ing.
BlargArgNarg says2016-12-10T15:22:32.1006505Z
^^ Nazi uniforms are dope.
brycef says2016-12-10T18:11:12.1853373Z
I'm pretty left wing, but I have a weird habit of consistently falling for conservative girls. Most of the girls I've dated or crushed on have been conservative. Still, I have to vote 'yes' because every conservative girl I've gone for or been with has been very moderate. I wouldn't put up with an intense, bigoted right wing authoritarian or social conservative that was xenophobic.
Mharman says2016-12-10T18:55:31.6279849Z
Here we go again brycef, more "Republicans are racist!" crap.
TRPS6 says2016-12-10T22:01:33.9797231Z
No, keep politics out of love.
brycef says2016-12-11T00:04:43.5990290Z
Mharman - It's not that Republicans are racist. It's that there is a right wing racist fringe of the Republican Party. The Republican and Democratic parties are both corporate parties and are very similar on most issues, but there ARE differences, however small they might be. The Democratic Party is more left wing, the Republican Party is more right wing. The Republican Party is in no way fascist, just like the Democratic Party is in no way communist. BUT, because people choose the party that is closer to their ideology, far right wing ideologies like fascism, theocracy, monarchism, etc. have a presence in the Republican Party, even if it's a minor one. Similarly, far left wing ideologies like communism, left-anarchism, and deep ecology have a minor presence in the Democratic Party, because they see it as the lesser of two evils. However, here I didn't even bring up that fringe of the right wing. I actually clarified that I WOULD (and have) dated Republicans, but I would not date, say, a fascist. A moderate conservative Republican is much closer to my beliefs than a communist. But the fact is, far right ideologies like fascism are the furthest from my beliefs, because above all I'm anti-authoritarian on social issues. That's why I chose that as my example. I know you're only 14, but you need to start working on your critical thinking abilities.
unicornpoop says2016-12-26T03:15:26.6694445Z
I am generally conservative, but I would never, ever date an extremist on either side. Both are equally scary.
Kescarte_DeJudica says2016-12-26T23:19:10.9998159Z
@brycef: A large part of my problem with the left-wing type parties (Democrat, Green, Communist), is that they so often have political agendas which promote racism, class warfare, and restrictions on the supply of goods and services into the market, which drives up prices. The racism in particular is the one of the worst parts. We have racist scientific theories, like evolution, taught in public schools. We have legalized abortion in the U.S., which twice as many blacks die of then whites. I could go on, but the point is made. So much hatred, so much confusion, people everywhere of all ages being pushed to look upon their fellow man as something of a lesser creature, all because of skin color! That is not to say that the some of the right wing parties (Republican, Libertarian, Constitution) have got it all figured out. Many Republicans in particular are big into being the policeman of the world, fighting wars in any foreign country that snarls at US (see what I did there?), spending trillions of dollars that definitely would have been better spent elsewhere. But you know what the biggest mistake I've seen made by the right wing parties? The idea that they constantly push, that employment (jobs) are the answer to the country's problems. That will not do it. The desired result of a healthy economy is not for everyone who wants a job to have one; it is for there to be an over-abundant supply of high quality goods and services. And everything that happens in the economy either goes toward, or against that. But it is an understandable mistake, seeing as how so many people in this country believe the Employment Theory. Until people start to treat everyone else equally, our social problems will not go away. And until the Employment Theory is thrown out and the Goods and Services theory is adopted by the major parties, our economic problems will not be fixed either.
SamanthatheConservative says2017-01-02T04:53:09.7414578Z
Brycef, do the world a favor and kys.
reece says2017-01-03T05:32:56.2293021Z
@SamanthatheConservative Kiss your sister? Sorry, us liberals don't roll that way.
triangle.128k says2017-01-03T05:37:28.8393021Z
reece says2017-01-03T05:50:29.3759038Z
It's better than dyd like Trump wants to do. That's probably a plus for some people.
Black-Jesus says2017-01-03T20:16:03.4980604Z
@reece, I mean-- have you seen Ivanka Trump? Can you blame him?
BlargArgNarg says2017-01-03T20:17:02.1852604Z
SamanthatheConservative says2017-01-04T03:24:45.1134364Z
Lmfao! Another libtard trying to be comedic but failing(as always). Btw, it means KillYourSelf. It's what all you libtards should do.
SamanthatheConservative says2017-01-04T03:28:25.1060466Z
If "reece" and "Black-Jesus" could end up like George Michael and JFK, then that'd be great.
Black-Jesus says2017-01-04T04:02:00.8099811Z
@SamanthatheConservative, So you're wishing death upon me because I made a joke about Ivanka Trump being hot and, on top of that, you called me a libtard, stupid both because libtard is the most overused, moronic pejorative unoriginal conservative assholes such as yourself could possibly use and inaccurate (like most of your beliefs) because I'm not a liberal? Why don't you just go fuck yourself with a cactus, you whore?
Black-Jesus says2017-01-04T04:02:49.0295811Z
*twat. I should've called you a twat. It's more applicable.
SamanthatheConservative says2017-01-04T04:06:28.0102470Z
Rotfl! Do you need to go to your safe space and drink your hot chocolate "Black-Jesus" ? Hahaha! Btw, you can call me whatever you want, I was actually hoping that you'd call me a "hick" or a "Contard" or a "cracker", but "whore"'s okay. Oh, and I don't follow majority of the traditional Conservative beliefs, I'm further right than the ones you troll on Facebook and Reddit.
Black-Jesus says2017-01-04T04:07:56.7083811Z
You? Calling me a troll? Well, now you've confirmed my theory. Farewell.
reece says2017-01-04T15:33:33.9511334Z
@SamanthatheConservative You and your counterparts in the Middle East are so much more alike than you would first think.
SamanthatheConservative says2017-01-04T20:26:23.5603334Z
@reece That's cool.
triangle.128k says2017-01-04T21:47:02.0505594Z
@reece Really? I don't recall her wanting to take away women's rights, let honor killings happen, and take away religious freedom.
triangle.128k says2017-01-04T21:48:51.1101594Z
Samantha, I agree with a lot of your views judging by some of your poll votes but you really need to chill with and stop encouraging suicide. Deal with leftists in a civil manner.
BlargArgNarg says2017-01-04T22:00:58.1695334Z
^^^ You can harbor a super edgy ideology (I myself am a National Socialist), but keep it to yourself and don't go around websites telling people to die for being liberal.
reece says2017-01-05T00:13:05.6625594Z
@triangle.128k The first two may not be true, but the last one, yes. She's against secularism.
reece says2017-01-05T00:29:14.7065784Z
These cuckservatives need to know their place in the world. Democratic Incrementalism doesn't cut it when the U.S. has a mental asylum running the GOP. The DNC is now conservative because of it.
BlargArgNarg says2017-01-05T00:32:27.4257594Z
Samantha, you need to calm down. I hate liberals just as much as the next right winger, but you can't go on the internet and tell people to die, you look retarded. And on top of that, you could possibly be suspended from the site for telling others to go kill themselves. If you're going to argue, do it in a civil manner.
reece says2017-01-05T00:40:20.5581594Z
@BlargArgNarg She doesn't need to calm down, she needs to be put down like the b!Tch she is.
BlargArgNarg says2017-01-05T01:30:13.6677594Z
@reece No, nobody here deserves to die. She might sound foolish, but saying that she needs to die makes you sound foolish as well. Keep it civil.
reece says2017-01-05T01:39:50.2437594Z
You guys are enablers of the ult-right. She needs to be educated on the values of a civilized society. You might learn a thing or two yourself.
BlargArgNarg says2017-01-05T01:41:38.6981784Z
Are you saying that I'm not civilized?
reece says2017-01-05T01:44:05.5565784Z
@BlargArgNarg You might just be ignorant. You are a supporter of Trump aren't you?
BlargArgNarg says2017-01-05T01:45:42.9941784Z
Somewhat. His politics are in the right place, but he has the manners of a warthog.
reece says2017-01-05T01:51:09.2805594Z
@BlargArgNarg So torture even if it doesn't work?
BlargArgNarg says2017-01-05T01:52:44.9117784Z
reece says2017-01-05T02:01:04.0649784Z
Wow, okay. Yeah, that's not civilized. That's playing at their level. Anyway, you do know a large portion of suspects are innocent, right? How about authorizing the killings of innocent family members of terrorists?
BlargArgNarg says2017-01-05T02:04:09.3617784Z
Yeah no, that's wrong. Just go after the terrorist.
reece says2017-01-05T02:11:24.4425594Z
@BlargArgNarg Why is it wrong though for a strategic reason?
BlargArgNarg says2017-01-05T02:18:08.2173594Z
It depends, it could prove to be a vital strategic asset, but it's still the killing of innocents. Now if the family aided the terrorist in any way, shape, or form, then they could be killed. But not just to take revenge on a terrorist.
reece says2017-01-05T02:20:21.1949784Z
Bottom line is you'll just be creating further radicalism.
reece says2017-01-05T02:22:35.6949594Z
Why do you think the Problem in the Middle East has gotten worse?
Black-Jesus says2017-01-05T03:15:49.5173784Z
I just want to add that I'm not a liberal. All I did was make a joke and I was told to kill myself. So fuck her. If she can't conduct herself like a semi-rational human being, then fuck her.
Mharman says2017-01-05T13:32:07.6593003Z
@brycef: The right wing is not racist. @SamanthatheConservative: Whoa, calm down. @reece: The GOP is not crazy or stupid, and with the insults you are on slightly better than Samantha.
Mharman says2017-01-05T13:35:52.5645003Z
Also reece, nobody here is an inbred hick. That is a huge false claim that was made the Democratic Party, meant to be a shaming insult; a huge portion of Conservatives are country people.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-01-08T09:14:29.1321309Z
Ima have to agree with Samantha on this one reece, brycef, and Black-Jesus. Y'all WERE kinda talking crap. Granted she took it up a level, but you guys were definitely hating on others beliefs which tends to get on people's nerves. I don't really think anyone should just wind up blocked, but to say that an entire branch of a party who stands for limited government is fascist makes no sense and could easily offend someone from that party.
reece says2017-01-08T13:39:30.2745309Z
@harman The GOP is not crazy or stupid??? Are you mental? Just the other day they tried to scrap the ethics committee. You don't need to tell me I'm better than Samantha, I know I'm better.
reece says2017-01-08T13:49:27.9261309Z
@Spiffy-Gonzalez Talking crap about neo-Nazis? Oh, I'm sorry I triggered you, you fascist f...
Black-Jesus says2017-01-08T15:07:13.4961309Z
@Spiffy-Gonzalez, again. I insulted nobody at all. Literally, all I did was make a joke. Idk what the hell you're talking about.
SamanthatheConservative says2017-01-08T15:08:51.4173309Z
"reece", how about quit commenting on this retarded post. Nobody likes libtards. You mutants lost the election. You freaks also lost Congress. Now stfu and kys.
SamanthatheConservative says2017-01-08T15:11:51.8001309Z
Everyone ignore "reece", he's mad af at the fact that his inferior party lost the election and Congress. His mother should've took a trip to PP before he was born.
SamanthatheConservative says2017-01-08T15:21:35.7188996Z
LMFAO! "reece" ain't even from America. Since you ain't from here quit talking about our politics. Kys.
reece says2017-01-08T16:59:49.3676996Z
@SamanthatheConservative Mutants? Look at the orange f*** who represents you. Both parties are sh*t. Your mother should've took you to BP and chucked you into a drum of gasoline. You keep on telling me to kys. How old is your sister?
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-01-08T17:02:24.1439634Z
Back-Jesus you DID cause someone to feel insulated, even if you hadn't intended it. Reece, just because you view someone's ideals is abhorrent, still doesn't justify you to be like that. From someone else's opinion YOU might f****d up opinions. Do you think YOU'RE less of a person in that circumstance? All I'm saying is, you DID insult her opinions. Not justifying anyone here, but still...
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-01-08T17:07:01.2311634Z
Also, I'm gonna have to agree with Samantha again Reece. Commenting on American politics makes no sense when you don't live here. Also, quit claiming to be "better" than her while simultaneously being aggressive towards her. It's a bit illogical.
reece says2017-01-08T17:07:06.6980996Z
@Spiffy-Gonzalez Do you think she's a neo-Nazi?
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-01-08T17:09:11.4668996Z
I don't think it really makes much of a difference if she is or not. In my personal opinion we should ALL just get back to talking about the poll question XD
reece says2017-01-08T17:10:25.7783634Z
@Spiffy-Gonzalez I don't see anything illogical about sharing views about a topic if you come from some other place.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-01-08T17:12:47.0120996Z
It's a citizenship thing. If you aren't a citizen yet than it won't to much to try to sway others on an online website, since you aren't able to vote.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-01-08T17:14:00.2696996Z
Either way, I got about 15 minutes till I gotta be at church. Might get on one more time to see what ppl said, but other than that, ill catch y'all later.
reece says2017-01-08T17:20:35.3171634Z
@Spiffy-Gonzalez How does the ability to vote entitle you to have an opinion?
reece says2017-01-08T17:28:05.5088996Z
@Spiffy-Gonzalez Have a nice day.
Black-Jesus says2017-01-08T18:41:10.5299996Z
@Spiffy-Gonzalez, Well if they feel insulted by me making a joke that Trump is attracted to his super hot daughter, then they should just go die in a hole anyway.
Mharman says2017-01-09T14:44:23.9680436Z
No, the GOP is not crazy or stupid, I know it's hard to understand when you have been listening to the REAL crazy side.
Mharman says2017-01-09T14:47:57.6880436Z
OK, THAT'S IT. Samantha and Reece, shut up. Stop insulting and telling each other to kill themselves, and have a civilized debate.
Black-Jesus says2017-01-09T17:30:48.0004439Z
@Mharman, come now, you must know that won't work.
Mharman says2017-01-09T17:34:07.3216439Z
No harm in trying... Probably.
Black-Jesus says2017-01-09T17:59:19.3204439Z
Well, good luck
brycef says2017-01-09T21:56:20.4924153Z
Wow, this sure took off. @Mharmon - I fear I may have watered down my point by making such a long post. My point is, there are fringes on both sides of the political spectrum. I'm basically on the moderate left. Because of that, the most remote political position from me is the far right. There are certain ideologies on the far right I'm against, like specifically racist ideologies. I wouldn't date someone with such views. That said, I'd happily date a moderate right winger, and I'm even open to some further right-wing positions like extreme libertarianism. I'm more open to the extreme end of libertarianism than I am to some far-left ideologies, like state communism. I'm against authoritarian communism. I should apologize for the jab I made at the end of my response to you - it was unnecessary. You're doing fine. @BlargArgNarg - It's to your credit that the farthest right wing regular poster (you) is always so pleasant to talk to. I think it's important to note that you win converts by inviting people in. The problem with attacking others is that their ego and sense of self get wrapped up in their position, and then that opinion becomes even more important to them. If you want people to be open to your position, you have to guide them toward it. @Samantha - In almost every post you make, your rage and unhappiness radiates off you. Your childish attacks show that you're mentally incapable of actually engaging anyone in a meaningful conversation, so you throw tantrums as a defense tactic. You're in your mid teens, so acting like this is somewhat excusable, though you should be growing out of this by now. Try to get past this petulance before you reach adulthood, lest you become a bitter, angry, small-minded person.
Mharman says2017-01-09T22:49:21.5319041Z
I see your point here, and I agree that one can go too far with anything. PS Apology accepted.
reece says2017-01-09T23:30:42.9492153Z
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-01-10T00:11:19.8564153Z
Brycef, I have nothing against you, but you are portraying the right incorrectly. The farthest right government would be an extreme theocracy. Racism actually has little to do with political spectrum. For example, both Stalin and Hitler were racists. Extreme libertarianism also is not necessary the extreme right. And your views are a little misleading as well, far leftism isn't necessarily communism, it's authoritarianism coupled with leftism sure, but extreme leftism is an anti-theocratic state. To be honest I believe the modern day political spectrum is probably off from what even the "experts" seem to believe. Though I do believe in linear opposition to political views. As for Samantha, true she doesn't necessarily debate in the most informative way, but then again the same is true for black-Jesus. This isn't a devils advocate sort of thing, just that people act in different ways. I have personally friended her on the site, and once you get to know her she's not a bad person. All that being said I am very grateful that you are being more civilized than anyone else in this debate, myself included. I hope most of us can start acting like that. Just wanted to say I'm happy you were the first.
brycef says2017-01-10T00:50:56.6223041Z
Spiffy - far right ideologies may not be inherently racist, but some are closely associated with racism. For example, Nazism is generally regarded as far right. The reason I associate racism with certain right wing ideologies is because when we talk about racism in the West, the most vocal force right now comes from the right - namely, white nationalists. You're right that there have been racist forces from the left as well - Stalin is a good example. But to put things in simple terms for the sake of this discussion, my point is I would never date a white nationalist. When defining the far right and far left, the problem is that they're slightly loaded terms. I've heard right wingers argue that national socialism is left wing because it's a form of socialism. I've heard leftists argue that Soviet communism was right wing because it was nationalistic and authoritarian. I think this is because they define the spectrum differently - it seems like people on the right tend to see the left as more collectivistic and the right as more individualistic, and then they insinuate that being collectivistic, they're more authoritarian. People on the left often say that the right is more hierarchical, and the left is anti-hierarchical, and then they insinuate that a hierarchical society must be authoritarian. In both cases, they're trying to paint the other side as an authoritarian bogeyman. It's more useful to break things apart in terms of private vs. Collective property, how democratic a government is and how much say people have, individual freedoms, etc. When you break things into their parts, the left-right dichotomy falls apart. Modern conservatism fits our idea of the right because it's both individualistic and (arguably) hierarchical. Fascism is trickier because it's hierarchical and collectivistic. Similarly, liberalism fits nicely in the popular "left" definition since it's more anti-hierarchical/pro-people power, but for some collectivistic economic measures. Again, Soviet communism is a tough fit because while it claimed to be about equality it was really intensely nationalistic/hierarchical, but also very collectivistic.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-01-10T00:57:17.4216153Z
Brycef, racism is something separate from the whole political spectrum altogether. As for government power, that itself is a part of the political spectrum. Up is authoritarianism and down is anarchy.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-01-10T01:00:43.0920153Z
I do agree however that these terms have no specific definition. And the right (at least republican in America) is for limited government. While the left is more socialist. Neither actually have any real want to control people's lives. Therefore fascism is not a rightist ideology and leftism is n it a communist ideology.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-01-10T01:02:31.3404153Z
Neither are the far right or far left. They are simply the far ends of leftism or rightism.
brycef says2017-01-10T01:02:57.5295041Z
Now you're referring to the 4 quadrants political spectrum, which is a VERY recent invention to try to cope with the inadequacies of the left-right dichotomy, which itself is a hangover from the French Revolution. Again, when I said I wouldn't date a right wing racist, I really meant I wouldn't date a white nationalist. White nationalism is the major racist force in the West right now, and most would categorize it as a right wing movement.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-01-10T01:04:34.4712153Z
As for collectivism vs private property, their is a separate scale to grade that, and it is not part of political philosophy.
brycef says2017-01-10T01:04:55.7808153Z
Now you're referring to the 4 quadrant political spectrum, which is a very recent attempt to make up for the inadequacies of the right-left spectrum, which itself is a leftover of the only vaguely relevant French Revolutionary era. Again, when I say I wouldn't date a far-right racist, what I really mean is I wouldn't date a white nationalist. White nationalism is the major racist movement in the West right now, and most would categorize it as a right wing movement.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-01-10T01:06:18.4920153Z
I also believe their needs to be something done to cope with these other differences in ideology. So I do see your point.
brycef says2017-01-10T01:06:35.3211041Z
Spiffy, collectivism vs private property is absolutely part of political philosophy. The importance of private property is one of the chief concerns of fiscal conservatism.
brycef says2017-01-10T01:30:40.7235041Z
Excuse the double post
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-01-10T01:59:53.0904153Z
Brycef, not necessarily. Social communism has little to do with political communism. How much power the government has over the economy has little to do with how the government manages it's citizens or what sort of ethical laws it passes. Also, fiscal conservatism is an economic philosophy. Normal conservatism does not require fiscal conservatism and vice versa.
Black-Jesus says2017-01-10T02:11:07.9119041Z
@Spiffy-Gonzalez, "As for Samantha, true she doesn't necessarily debate in the most informative way, but then again the same is true for black-Jesus." You are really starting to get on my nerves. Try and get this into your skull: I didn't comment on this poll to debate. I commented on this poll to make a joke then again to insult SamanthatheConservative. You have obviously never seen me debate, because I have not debated at all on this post. Stop trying to drag me into this.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-01-10T03:04:54.6315041Z
Black-jesus, when I was talking about you I was referring to this set of posts and how you intentionally insulted her. I am not dragging you into anything intentionally, I am simply trying to defend the one who was the primary target during this post for the first half.
Black-Jesus says2017-01-10T03:30:53.3835041Z
@Spiffy-Gonzalez, you said that I wasn't debating in an informative way. I wasn't debating. I was insulting someone who told me to kill myself for no reason.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-02-28T20:32:44.6228260Z
BlackJesus, you do realize you just took something that made you sound better and made yourself out to be worse right?

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