Would you forgive hitler?

Posted by: Killerkeemstar45

Lets say that Hitler comes back to life and apologizes for the holocaust. Would you forgive him?

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JonahLysne says2017-10-01T05:34:44.6431332Z
God says to forgive. I forgive him even tho he killed so many.
FishAndChips22 says2017-10-01T14:46:52.4059012Z
A God who tells me to forgive someone who has killed 6 million people in the most inhumane of manners is no God
Arganger says2017-10-01T15:03:10.5431901Z
Well, every sin deserves death. So... Gods just being consistent. I forgave the terrorist that killed my father.
reece says2017-10-02T09:56:27.4816341Z
How many innocent people did God kill? Good probably told us to forgive in the NT so that he could get off the hook.
Arganger says2017-10-02T13:28:16.0562988Z
Err, no. He has the right to destroy what he personally made and frankly owns.
reece says2017-10-02T15:45:44.9716070Z
God's the terrorist
reece says2017-10-02T23:57:38.8007970Z
I just noticed the mistake.
Axonly says2017-10-04T23:47:46.2755929Z
Am I the only non-Theist to vote "Yes"? XD
Bitch_Goddess says2017-10-05T15:48:07.7443365Z
How you guys would be able to forgive a man who killed millions baffles me. I can say with no doubt in my mind that had you lived in the time Hitler ruled, you would not be so forgiving. Especially if it was you or your siblings who were sent to concentration camps to rot and die.
Arganger says2017-10-05T15:53:32.1971987Z
@Bitch_Goddess I really don't think I would.Hold a grudge. Or I would have to hold a grudge with everyone that has ever done anything to me if I wanted to be consistent and that is a really long list. If I can forgive the guy that killed my father, then Hitler is forgivable to.
Bitch_Goddess says2017-10-06T16:21:33.6447012Z
@Arganger That has ever done anything to you? The difference here is that Hitler tortured and murdered people just because he wanted to. They had done nothing to him, yet he ordered for them to be killed. Would you be so understanding if they had instead tortured your father before? For example, sending him to a concentration camp to be treated like a slave and ended up dying of starvation in the end anyways. I know I would never forgive Hitler. Someone with no sympathy or regret for killing millions of people does not deserve forgiveness.
Arganger says2017-10-06T16:47:17.2376906Z
@Bitch_Goddess Like I said I forgave the terrorist that killed my father. Forgiveness is rarely deserved but forgiveness is still good. No human deserves to be forgiven for anything because we all suck, including me, so if I'm going to forgive one person I want to do my best to forgive everyone.
Bitch_Goddess says2017-10-06T16:55:33.9443085Z
Agranger A lot of people deserve forgiveness. Someone who, like I said before, murders millions and feels no remorse (and if anything, would probably do it again) does not deserve forgiveness, and will never recieve mine. And again, "Would you be so understanding if they had instead tortured your father before? For example, sending him to a concentration camp to be treated like a slave and ended up dying of starvation in the end anyways." I can say with almost no doubt that you would not forgive Hitler had that been done to your father, let alone everyone that you love. You've clearly never gone through the experience of losing everyone you cared for.
Arganger says2017-10-06T17:19:24.7360018Z
I would still have forgave him. I'm sure. Humans, everyone of us, do bad things daily. He just got power to do it on a large scale, which never would of happened if Germany wasn't needlessly blamed for WW1 and forced to pay ridiculous amounts of money.
Bitch_Goddess says2017-10-06T20:54:24.9880648Z
Agranger There's clearly no changing your mind. Mine will always remain the same; a man who feels no remorse, no empathy, no sympathy for killing and torturing millions for no reason will never acquire my forgiveness.
Arganger says2017-10-06T21:24:58.8071750Z
@Bitch_Goddess How do you know he felt " no remorse, no empathy, no sympathy for killing and torturing millions for no reason "? You can't exactly ask him he has been dead for 72 years. And he did kill himself, it is easily argued that he didn't want to go to prison, but he had been suicidal for years on years. He might of felt remorse but still believed it was for the best, or it was so far along at that point that he couldn't in his mind, back out in any way. Either way, I'm kind of sorry you cannot forgive him. Forgiveness is an interesting thing, while it may seem like a present to the person you forgave who doesn't deserve it, it helps you too. Frankly I think this is one of the key differences between a christian and anyone else, even if basically no one wants to hear this brought up. Forgiveness makes sense when everyone deserves death in hell, if you make a decision anyone should definitely never be forgiven because their crimes are to great, then so are yours. Anyway, it's not an easy thing to explain and most people never get it anyway, so I don't know why I'm trying in this comment and will now drop it.
Bitch_Goddess says2017-10-06T22:56:07.4310610Z
Arganger You can always stop killing. You can stop torturing and placing people in torture camps. You can always stop the monstrosities you commit if you choose to. He never did. And for that, it makes no sense as to how he would feel remorse, empathy or sympathy for it when he continued to murder innocent people in cold blood. You might feel regret after killing a few people. But millions? There's no way he would have ever had the ability to have this sort of empathy for people or he would have stopped at the few. Again, many people do not deserve forgiveness, even if you believe they do. It would not help me to forgive a man who killed too many people to count.
LordLuke says2018-03-05T01:47:55.4512219Z
Look at how sweet he is about it. Https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=4fsJGrx99R4
LordLuke says2018-03-05T01:53:43.5184219Z
Holden_C says2018-06-07T17:55:35.9409607Z
No,I don't care how 'sorry' someone is or that 'god might tell me to forgive people, he killed 6 MILLION people!

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