Would you kill your best friend to save ten strangers?

Posted by: The.Defiance

You're faced with a trolley problem of sorts. You are in a car with your best friend when the brakes fail to work. You can turn one way, killing your friend and injuring yourself, or the other way, killing ten pedestrians who are all strangers to you. You must make a choice or you, your friend and the ten strangers will all die.

49 Total Votes

Kill ten strangers

But save yourself and your best friend.
27 votes

Kill your best friend

And injure yourself but save the ten strangers.
22 votes
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BobtheCunt123 says2018-04-16T17:44:48.9613821Z
Hahha i like sausage
bobboybo says2018-04-16T17:47:16.8337821Z
I like fucking people and my self
JimShady says2018-04-16T18:34:53.2405821Z
"I like fucking people in the mother fucking ass" How nice of you to say that.
RightWingLibertarian says2018-09-11T05:10:47.8197344Z
This is always a sticky situation to find oneself in. I'd like to argue a Utilitarian's way of going about things, As in most cases I have the belief that the best consequence of an action is the one that results in the largest amount of happiness with the greatest amount of people - however; I believe all Humans are inherently selfish as it goes back to the primitive attitude of looking after ones own. In this case. . . Your best friend. Putting the health of your pack over that of anothers.
asfew says2018-12-07T23:39:55.7293414Z
This is much like "let's justify abortion" question posing a similar impossible scenario, Swapping out the groups-babies and embryos. The problem: How you react in an emergency, Or impossible edge case, Does not represent the problem, Morals or should it dictate policy. Swap out the groups again--would you kill a group of black people over asians? And you see what I mean. .

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