Would you preform an act of great evil if the end justified the means?

Posted by: stargate

By that I mean would you do something for the greater good?

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It depends

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I would never do that.

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Yes I would do it for the greater good.

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I would do it, but for my own pleasure.

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TBR says2015-10-01T16:06:09.6403927Z
Who is determining what the "greater good" is?
stargate says2015-10-01T16:11:47.3244865Z
What would be the best for everyone. So you and most of the world.
TBR says2015-10-01T16:12:54.0157690Z
Lets say you are pro-life. Further, you think the greater good is served by killing as many abortion providers as possible. There are a host of reasons that this logic is flawed, but it might fit your definition of supporting evil acts for the greater good.
TBR says2015-10-01T16:14:29.0207806Z
In that case stargate, both of your pet issues, the VAST majority of the world are not in agreement with you, and your assessment of "common good".
stargate says2015-10-01T16:21:36.2436420Z
That ans trying to achieve something for the better meant of the whole world no matter the coast. TBR maybe me and others like me do not have the world on our silde. But abortion is killing the baby, sense any kid not yet a toddler is a baby. This baby even of born early can still live, so you are ending an human life. An life you helped make, that is just wrong. You should chairish human life, also don't you fine it sad when you hear they aborted what would have been there future child just to avoid going though the pain of birth? I am pro life and that will never change. I do not care if 99.999999999% of the world disagrees I will never agree with it, and I will never stop explaining why it needs to stop.
stargate says2015-10-01T16:23:33.1190928Z
TBR you know I wouldn't do that, there is always limits but sometimes these limits should be broken. But what you said that is not one of them. While I disagree with what there are doing I would never kill them over it.
TBR says2015-10-01T16:25:39.6940933Z
OK. So, you are good with the abortion example. So, your act of evil in this case could be killing all (or many) abortion providers for the "greater good", even though you are replacing the majorities opinion of what the greater good is with your own (minority) opinion, right?
stargate says2015-10-01T16:29:00.5643939Z
TBR In that case it might not be the greater good, but aging I would never do that or think of doing that. In that case I could not justify it.
TBR says2015-10-01T16:29:05.0564425Z
Sorry. Cross post. So, the abortion example will not work for the discussion? You are unwilling to kill providers for the "greater good". How about you draw-out the case.
stargate says2015-10-01T16:38:12.9416531Z
@TBR okay I'll previde an case, for example country A while democratly elected has been know to support terrorism causeing deaths of millions of people around the globe, and has been know to engage in slave trafficking. For me that would be an no brainner to take out the government and to try to make the country safer, by that I mean reduce the acts of terrorism and ex. Another expamle government B has been going though an heavy depression and an new radical government has sized control with the support of most of the population. But they prefom ethic cleaning, and force people who do not aling with the governments agenda out of the nation, in that case I would be willing to fight that government. Here os another example, the world is falling into choas. More people are dieing and more wars are happening. Once mighty nations are falling and war and death is spreading on an gobal scale. In thos example I would be willing to restore the state of the world to an stable one. This means I would try to be doing it for what I think is the greater good. Another one example D, you are in an burning building you can save only one out of two geoups of people. One group has three people but all three are little kids, while the other is 15 people and an mixture of ages. I would choose the larger group to save the most people. Do you need more examples?
TBR says2015-10-01T16:50:01.7698096Z
OK. Your example still rely very heavy on perspective. That description could match the USA very closely. In each of these discussions we have, I do not think you are trying to be myopic, but that is how it comes off, and why I push back at them. There is very rarely a clear cut case where "evil" exists and all measures to stop it are justified.
stargate says2015-10-01T16:52:27.9749728Z
TBR you know I understand that.
stargate says2015-10-01T16:52:57.1155860Z
But it would still depend.
TBR says2015-10-01T16:57:20.8182956Z
Lets try euthanasia as a more clear cut sort of thing. Doing vs. Allowing. I support euthanasia. That is an active "Doing" something that can be described by some as evil. The flip is "allow". By not supporting euthanasia I am allowing suffering.
TBR says2015-10-01T17:00:44.4301904Z
There are a number of thought experiment around this concept. Do you intervene. If not saving someone as bad as killing someone. Point is, when you start to reduce it down, you should start to question your ability to pick the "moral" or "correct" side. And this is just in a very personal example. When you are talking about killing lots of people because you dislike the way they run their governments... Well, it gets much more tricky.
stargate says2015-10-01T17:14:24.8985318Z
TBR I never said there is an clear cut right answer. There is an lot ov grey area when it comes to this.
TBR says2015-10-01T17:31:12.5297233Z
"while democratly elected has been know to support terrorism causeing deaths of millions of people around the globe," - USA || "and has been know to engage in slave trafficking." - USA || "government B has been going though an heavy depression and an new radical government has sized control with the support of most of the population. But they prefom ethic cleaning,and force people who do not aling with the governments agenda out of the nation," - TRUMP. So, if that true, are you going to take out America?
TBR says2015-10-01T17:34:04.0706221Z
Again, my only point is, supplanting your personal opinion for what or who is "evil" can be a very difficult and dangerous was of dealing with problems. When you say "preform an act of great evil" based on this opinion/judgment, it could terrible and grounds for your own behavior to become the very same "evil" that you were attempting to resolve.
stargate says2015-10-01T18:42:29.6872567Z
stargate says2015-10-01T18:43:12.6649812Z
By that I mean fighting and killing to achieve an good result.

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