Would you rather be an obvious Jew in Nazi occupied Poland? OR a low ranking German officer in Berlin the day the Red Army invaded?

Posted by: AJL36

Whichever you chose you must survive 48 hours before you are safe

46 Total Votes

Nazi in Germany

27 votes

Jew in Poland

19 votes
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Anonymous says2017-10-25T19:34:24.1559109Z
Wondering who will choose option 2... I have some guesses...
MakeSensePeopleDont says2017-10-25T19:54:19.8117609Z
@subdeo Hitler and the Nazis -- Zedong -- Stalin -- Trotsky -- Lenin -- Marx -- The Kim family of NK -- the entire middle east -- South Africa -- Tojo -- Armenia....That's a good starting list for option 2. The trolls on this site shouldn't get your attention....They're just trolls after all.
DickBone says2017-10-26T19:20:15.9485019Z
A low ranking NAZI Officer is not someone who is evil, he is someone doing their job, getting paid. I personally would feel a lot more safer in as a NAZI in Berlin, than a jew in Poland. But the Soviets, I may just kill my self after the 48 hours, just to avoid the social justice cucks and not living in a gulag. Just my Opinion
AJL36 says2017-10-27T17:32:16.7952683Z
Just to clarify. Please make your decision based on survival NOT MORALS
feminazi says2017-11-15T18:47:26.0900365Z
I hate gay people
Igiveupman says2017-11-16T23:58:02.0905396Z
Would you rather die or live?
drewr1122 says2017-11-17T21:15:56.2488835Z
The holocaust was a hoax.

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