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Posted by: Fight4Liberty

Would you support an idea to build four small countries, divided by dominating political ideology, on American Soil? Each country would carry out deeds of government based on their parties beliefs. Each would start out with debt (maybe) and have regular ties w/ other countries. We could use this as a study to see which ideology is supreme. (This is a rough sketch idea, no math or anything implemented yet.)

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Stalin_Mario says2014-06-25T12:23:13.8378736-05:00
This Idea would not work for it's purpose, as the United States has very different terrain and environments throughout the land. Also the population differs greatly from area to area. These factors would create a major difference to whether one of the four "mini" countries succeeds or not. The United States is also unevenly divided into cities, farms, and industry. Who would decide which mini country gets what? The mini country that is placed in the area with the best resources and already developed industry will more likely succeed than one that is not.
Fight4Liberty says2014-06-25T12:27:00.1456353-05:00
What if they were placed around the same area, and given an equal amount of buildings, and people who wish to participate as 'citizens?' This is just an idea off the top of my head!
Fight4Liberty says2014-06-25T12:27:20.6857591-05:00
^So any critique is appreciated

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