• Xbox

  • Playstation

53% 26 votes
47% 23 votes
  • playstation winseasily

  • Playstation: Pros: Exclusive Titles Online service Controller User interface Graphics (PS4 and Xbox One) Cons: No Backwards Compatibility Playstation Pro is not as powerful as the XBOX X

  • Cuz xbox is to complicated when ps4 is just get game ur good to go

  • PS4 is better because it is not bullshit like Xbox and you don't have to change the batteries every god damn week. and the controller is more comfortable while the xbox controller feels like like holding a bulky ass remote. Games o Ps4 are way better than your Halo series bullshit.

  • PS4 is way more superior than Xbox.


  • Obviously the better option with better exclusives

  • PS4 has more and better exclusives than the XB1. The XB1 doesn't even have any exclusives as most if not all of their games are found on PC. Even if that wasn't the case PS4 has a better variety of exclusives as they have JRPGs's, Adventure games, And story games like heavy rain.

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