Polygamy: Does polygamy benefit the women that engage in it?

  • If the marriage works, it benefits the women involved

    We are all different and to try and enforce our values on others, is frankly ignorant. The idea of marriage as being between one man and one woman is a popular one here in the United States. However that does not mean that it is absolutely the only right way. The fact is that a bad marriage is a bad one and a good marriage is a good one. In the case of a polygamous marriage, the woman is only married to her husband, although he is married to other women, her relationship is still largely between herself and her husband. If this works for her, then it works for her and thus benefits her. Polygamy benefits the women that engage in it when it works.

  • It depends .

    In China and India young girls are forced into monogamous marriages. Those countries along with Taiwan, Japan and Korea have a very high rate domestic abuse. In many countries there is a high rate of unfaithfullness in marriages . With wrong husband involved no marry benifits the woman. I know some very kind Muslim husbands who treat their plural wives with respect they deserve. I know of some women who love being in pural marriage and have few religious beliefs . To make blanket statements about something you are uncomfortable with seems a little like bigotry. Really for now, plural marriage is not my thing I love my private moments with my spouse . But I saw plural marriage as being benefit to us. I would try.

  • It does NOT!

    Young women, teen girls, and even young girls are FORCED to marry much older men! The men marry multiple women and girls! Men often force intercourse so they can marry more girls! IT IS SICK!!!!!!! The women and girls get treated like CRAP!!!!!! Religion is the seed to this evil cult!!!!! STOP THIS SICK "MARRIAGE!!!!!!"

  • Polygamy is harmful for women and children

    Polygamy is dangerous because it creates terrible environments for women and children. Many children are sexually abused. Many more children are forced to be the seventh wife for a man 40 years their elder. The typical polygamist situation is not grown adults choosing a lifestyle. The typical polygamist situation is a closed community that forces young women into marriages that actively harm them.

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