Polygamy: Should marriage to more than one person be legal?

  • Should polygamy be legalized

    I for one, am fully supportive of legalizing polygyny/ polygamy. Given the disparity of numbers women to men it does not seem fair to have so many women left unable to find a husband. Frankly I am trying to set up such a relationship. My Ladies agree with me here

  • Don't see why not.

    I don't see any problems with it. If consenting adults wish to marry, then there isn't really anything to object to. Polygamy is currently illegal mostly due to arbitrary societal norms. And before anyone brings up the Bible: "It advocates for one-man, one-woman marriage", know that when a foundation for bible study tallied it up, polygamy is in fact more common than monogamy in the Bible.

  • Yeah Who Cares

    If it works then it works. They need equal power (like every marriage), but if they do than their love can hold them together. I mean romance. Please no drama though. Lol #peace. I mean marriage is a lot of money anyway and stability. Just let the kids be happy!

  • Yes, it is human nature to have more than one partner

    The institution of marriage has created certain social implications that would suggest that humans were meant to have only one partner. This is simply untrue, and polygamy is nothing more than a natural preference that we humans have. Making it illegal to be married to multiple partners does not make any sense.

  • Sure, why not?

    I personally believe marriage is between a man and woman. With that being said, marriage does not mean the same thing to everybody. Who am I to dictate that my definition of marriage should be shoved onto everyone else? Each person needs to decide that for themselves. If all partners involved are alright with having a polygamous marriage I have no right to tell them how to live their lives.

  • Marriage is the union of man and woman.

    The union between to opposite sexes the really love each other is the definition of marriage. If you want to have something different call it something different. There are many words out there, so think of a term to use. I don't think polygamy is a real religion(set of beliefs) and if it has bad effects on mankind definitely don't allow it.

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