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  • No I do not think it is worth the cost

    I do not think that the Pono Music Players will be worth the cost. I love music and would not pay almost 400.00 for one. I think that although a lot of people would like to hear more of a original sound like when recorded in the studio, most will not think it is worth paying the price it is to hear it like that. I also think it will take some time for it to get popular because people are going to be skeptical at first.

  • No, The hefty price tag will not be worth the cost.

    Now we have to give it to Neil Young, his recent Kickstarter campaign was a definite success and his high-resolution Pono music player is expected to start shipping this coming October. Yet its like they have never heard of the FiiO's more affordable X3 and X5 high-resolution music players, that are available now. As I understand not only is the X5 cheaper, but it also plays more types of file formats and it is high resolution so it sounds great. As for the Pono music player, I really don't think it will live up to the expectations.

  • It's not much better.

    No, the hefty price tag will not be worth it for a Pono Music Player, because there is nothing about a music player being in the shape of a triangle that will make it that much better. I am not a music producer. I do not need my music to be slightly better than with a traditional MP3 player.

  • Pono Music player price?

    I believe the pono music player should be very expensive in this time with many people who can not even afford food for family. If they want more people to buy their products they should lower the price and have more efficient way of purchasing music for those who love it.

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