Pony Express Google Doodle: Should the media spend time reporting on Google's latest Doodle?

  • To an extent, yes

    Its nothing wrong in reporting Google's latest Doodle because that is how we get to know about latest and newest things available out there, but to excessively report it is another issue. To an extent is bearable and acceptable but if the same thing is reported again and again it becomes boring to the ears.

  • No, because it's not really that interesting.

    There are far more interesting stories that need time and space in the media. Most people know that Google frequently puts interesting graphics on its search page and if they care enough, they'll check it out. Sometimes Google doesn't get it quite right and there's cause for a little media blow-back, but mainly it has become a non-story story.

  • Not at all newsworthy

    Fans of Google's daily headline doodle can log on and check it out for themselves. They do not have to read about it in a newspaper or see it on the news. That is part of the fun of using Google everyday. The "News" should be reserved for actual newsworthy events.

  • The doodles are a waste of media time

    The doodles are a waste of media time. Doodles are just a way for Google to get more attention for themselves. The doodles are not especially entertaining to look at usually and I don't think they need to be reported on. There are more important events going on in the world than these doodles

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