• Yes, it is.

    Abortion is still illegal in many parts of the world, resulting in an estimated 21 million women seeking out clandestine procedures every year. The Pope has taken a step in the right direction but there are many more steps to be taken to ensure that unsafe abortion is a thing of the distant past.

  • Yes it is

    We're taught in Catholic school that Jesus is love. Forgiveness is an act of love as well. This Pope is spreading a message of forgiveness and love and seems to focus on social justice issues in a way that often mirrors what we're taught about Christ and how he ministered to all of us.

  • Yes, the Pope's extension that allows priest's to grant absolution for abortion is good news.

    Catholic women who get abortions suffer in silence, as their faith dictates that they must confess all sins to receive forgiveness. Going to the local priest for confession should give women the ability to request forgiveness for whatever the church deems to be sins, not just some sins. Abortion, itself, is difficult enough without adding the weight of religious oppression.

  • Yes, it is good news.

    Yes, extending forgiveness on abortion is really good news for women who have had to make the painful decision to get an abortion. For many of the women who have had an abortion, they have felt like the Catholic Church has seen them as people that should not be forgiven. We do not know the circumstances of these women's choices and they should not be punished for making the painful decision of having an abortion. Forgiveness is powerful and this is good news.

  • Pope on a rope offer a little hope...

    Though its nice to see the pope go against an angry, wrathful, jealous (yeah right), vengeance, rage, fury, evil god who has freely admitted all of those imperfections which means that this god is obviously man made, at least the pope does go against this god as mentioned in print in the bible and he's done it before and will hopefully continue to do as such. More power to him. At least he has a heart and soul and is in the right place. God as mentioned in the bible offers false hope to those who are smug and clearly have not read the damn thing.

  • No it isnt....

    As a human, i understand that each abortion should be looked at individually. There are circumstances of rape, molesting, etc... By all means, they should be considered as reasonable possibilities for abortion, in my opinion. Beyond these types of horrible extenuating circumstances, i dont believe abortion should be allowed. We make choices every day. There are many contraceptives on the market today to avoid getting pregnant. If you dont want a child, use them. But you are rolling the dice every time you have a sexual encounter. If you arent ready for a child, dont have sex. If you take the steps to TRY to avoid pregnancy and you still end up pregnant, you knew the risk. You dont pay for that with the life of a child. For those who want to know, its simple, the life starts at the moment of conception. To me, if its not really a child or a life, then you arent really pregnant. As for as the pope, who is he? He is a man. An elected man... Who is he to grant forgiveness for anything? That is a decision for GOD, not man... To follow the bible and to take a childs life just because you decide its not what you want, (not the product of rape, etc.), is a sin. The bible says that all but one sin can be forgiven. We are told that already. But the pope is NOT the one who gets to decide that...

  • Ultimately, the pope should not

    At the first place, why should people do such things that they can't even take at the end? For example, you are not financially, emotionally ready to have a baby, they why would come to that point of making the baby? Further, there are a lot of alternative ways to avoid pregnancy, they should be responsible anyway.

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