Pope Francis asks forgiveness for priests who sexually abused children: Do you agree with his decision?

  • Yes, I do.

    How can you call yourself a Christian if you can't forgive? Forgiveness and love are the foundations of Christianity. The parents of the victimized children should forgive, and they should encourage their children to forgive their victimizers as well. However, priests who do this should be immediately removed from the clergy, and should be mandated by law to get help, but not jail. Most child molesters have mental issues and should not be punished, but instead should be rehabilitated. Why should the government have the right to punish anyone for a mental problem, priest or not

  • The Adulteress And Jesus

    Jesus once said, "Who among you has never sinned?! Let him cast the first stone!" This said while the Jews prepared to stone a woman caught in adultery. And then Jesus forgave her. So I'll ask. Who among the opposing side of the argument has never sinned? Do you have the authority to say who God may forgive? I think not! I'd rejoice to see those sick men change their thinking and their lives.

  • Isn't that what Jesus taught? Forgiveness and love?

    I'm not Catholic nor Christian but I know that Jesus dedicated his life to teaching people to accept flaws, to forgive and love and be nice. This single Pope asked for forgiveness because of an act that others did. In my opinion, yes, he should ask for that. Despite what those priests did in molesting/raping children, Francis is accepting that it happened unlike the last pope that denied it and tried covering it all up. He's asking for forgiveness, not to forget that it happened. I think what he is doing is fixing the centuries of papal corruption and why speaking of forgiveness, and acceptance and everything that he has been doing, he's bringing a better reputation to their religion. Buddha once said 'Holding on to anger and grudges is like grasping onto a hot piece of coal with the intentions of throwing it at someone else; you are going to be the one who gets burned.'

  • Yes, he should ask forgiveness, but the priests themselves asking for it would be more important.

    While the Pope was doing the right thing asking forgiveness, the ones who actually committed the acts should be apologizing. I know I would not care if the Pope asked forgiveness for something someone else did to me. Back to the topic the Pope was put in a bad situation and so he took the christian path and asked for forgiveness. There really is not anything else he could do and him not doing anything would be worse. Imagine the anger if he just sat back, relaxed, and watched the show. Not good.

  • Yes, he's right to ask for forgiveness, but he won't get it soon

    I agree with Pope Francis' decision to call for forgiveness, but I doubt that it will be forthcoming any time soon. If you truly believe in Jesus' teachings, you should forgive anyone who sincerely repents. The problem is, the church systematically covered up sexual abuse, and, even worse, inflicted the abuses upon new communities instead of retiring them. I don't think that institutional abuse is something that people will be willing to forgive for a long time.

  • I believe in forgiveness for everyone.

    The very premise of religion and God is based on goodness and forgiveness. We are all mere humans and we all sin. Jesus forgave a murderer next to him while on the cross. If that can happen, then certainly everyone can be forgiven. That's not to say it's ok and can be done again, then repented and done on and so on. But I do feel a man of God should ask us to offer forgiveness to anyone who asks for it and is truly sorry for their sin.

  • If you take a child's innocence, If you cast long traumatic shadows on their life, if you betray your community, and violate someone vulnerable,

    There should be no forgiveness for you. These men betrayed their communities trust, abused their power, and tarnished everything they value in their own doctrine. It's perverted and sickening. The victims will have to spend their lives trying to recover. They'll be scarred. I won't let someone tell me that /that/ was gods plan, and I won't let someone tell me those priests should be forgiven. What they did was worse than murder in my mind. And there's no room in this world for that behavior.

  • No, people will forgive on their own without prompting.

    Forgiveness is not something one asks for and immediately receives. Forgiveness is earned over time. Asking for forgiveness for men that committed horrible acts upon children is rather horrifying. People are still seething over the issue, and it's disgusting to ask them to forgive these men at all. The church really needs to focus more on repairing the damage these men did and getting back in the good graces of Catholics that fled the church.

  • Healing comes first

    To me, the victims must complete the healing process before they can forgive their abusers if they wish to do so. If I was sexually abused, I would find it near impossible to forgive my abuser. Sexual abuse does not deserve forgiveness. The church should not place a big emphasis on forgiveness; there are some atrocities that are beyond amnesty.

  • What do you mean by forgiveness?

    You can punish someone and still forgive them... Just as parents ground their children for misbehaving, the church should jail these priests for defiling the children. Plain and simple, I don't see why it takes actual thinking to figure this out. Unless by forgive you don't mean 'not hate them forever', I agree with you.

  • Forgiveness should be asked byt the person who did the disgusting act.

    The pope should ask for forgiveness after every single one of the so called priests have done the same, disgracing the name of the religion they profess. Francis has to ask for forgiveness because the whole system they created is flawed, forgiveness for not bringing this to light sooner, where did James 5:16 was left? Did they confess to the parents of the victims? I'm not saying about whole world, but did the Vatican, and I mean the pope personally addressed every single family for every single act their so called priests did?

    I am not catholic as you can see, I believe in forgiveness. The families and victims should forgive the people who wrong them, that goes without question, but acts come with responsibility. They did the misdeed, they have to repent and ask for forgiveness, to the victims and to God (Matthew 18:6 - But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea)

  • *Seriously*? No way in hell.

    To state it again; *SERIOUSLY*?! The organization as a whole is *supposed* to monitor itself and ensure that these kinds of things simply Do Not Happen. For well over half a century they *completely* failed to even try to do their job in this regard. Whenever the issue was seriously brought up they have *consistently* acted as though the issue is beneath their notice/their priests were the ones being victimized/they had the 'right' to do as they did and completely ignore the repercussions.

    Not only do I think that each and every one of the priests involved should be publicly put on trial and imprisoned proportionally to the amount of children they harmed, I also think the church itself should be internationally sanctioned and have it's ability and right to self-police stripped completely, because they clearly do not use it properly or care when it fails, preferring instead to pretend that it does and threaten the people who point out that it clearly doesn't.

    The *entirety* of the organization is to blame; if they want to tell us they have the ability and right to police themselves, then they should all face blame when they clearly, consistently and completely fail to actually do so.

  • Considering "especially" that they are priests...

    They are suppose to be good role-models for their religion, so no- you can "forgive" them and not judge them for they are part of creation (acknowledging the God-given light in each of us) but not their actions, especially one so appalling as child-abuse! Actions come with consequences and the law! Jail-time and some counseling is what they should get.

  • No forgiveness for anyone!

    No. Tell that to the traumatized child whose life will never be the same nor normal ever again. Tell that to the rapist who gets away with their crimes and continues doing it. Tell that to the scarred adults who have been molested as children who can never truly recover from something that even happened 20 years ago.

  • It is too soon to ask for forgiveness

    Pope Francis has asked for forgiveness for priests who sexually abused children but there has been no real admission that these crimes even happened or attempts to make amends and apologize. Without an apology and admission of the crime there can be no forgiveness. The Church needs to fully fess up to what priests and did and what the Church did to cover it up before they ask for forgiveness.

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