Pope on Sex Abuse: Should the church be held accountable for the actions of its bishops?

  • Yes, but only if they knew

    The Church should be held accountable for any actions they took to hide the actions of its bishops. The Church can hardly be expected to be responsible for something it knew nothing about, but in cases where it took deliberate actions to sweep abuse under the proverbial rug, it should definitely be held responsible for helping perpetuate abuse.

  • Yes, they should be.

    If there is evidence that the church knew about the sexual abuse and did not or even worse, tried to cover it up, they should absolutely be held accountable for the action of its bishops. The people responsible should be charged with crimes and be made to face their victims and make it right. They should be treated like any other crimal

  • Yes, the Church is responsible

    The Church is absolutely responsible the Bishops are under them and it was allowed to happen. I feel the Church needs to make sure every single one is removed. There needs to be a safety net installed in their procedures to make sure this never happens again. There are way too many victims and the Church needs to admit they were wrong and take full responsibility.

  • They looked the other way.

    Yes, the Catholic church should be held accountable for the actions of its bishops, because the Catholic church knew what was going on the entire time. Rather than be proactive and stop it in its tracks, they chose to look the other way in order to help the image of the Catholic Church. That ended up backfiring in a big way. They are in part to blame.

  • Accountable for the actions? No.

    Seeing that the church did not take part in the crime itself, they should not be held accountable for it. To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing in church doctrine that encourages much less tells a bishop to do such things. In fact, it is against the churches ethics code to do them. So if the church had nothing to do with the actions, why would they be responsible for them.
    If you ask me, the reasons why people want the churches responsible are for two reasons. One of which is because these churches are seen as deep pockets. Even though some clergy do have some level of wealth, this amount is little by comparison to the collective church i.e. the Catholic Church. Because they feel that the church will settle for more than the bishop is worth means the go after the employer instead of the guilty party for financial gain. The other reason is jealousy. People of other faiths and lack there of, tend to look at the wealth of the Catholic church and want, at least part of it, for themselves and to take down their wealth. In order to do this, they feel they need to demonize their faith to make their actions just.
    As far as them covering up the fact, this is just what any business would do to protect itself. I am sure that, if the church knew, they were taking steps themselves to solve the issue quietly but obviously this has failed.

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