Pope says journalism based on fear mongering is terrorism: Does the pope have a right to criticize journalism?

  • The pope not only has a right. He is right.

    Its a very good and important observation that certain journalists use fear based tactics to sway their readers. Good job Mr. Pope! I'm glad you are putting that out in the open to give people a little reminder to double check what and why they are taking an article the way they are.

  • I agree that the Pope has a right to criticize journalism.

    Journalism should not be immune to criticism. When the Pope indicates that journalism based on fear mongering is terrorism, it is true. Any form of journalism that induces fear or panic over a population is psychological terrorism. Forcing people to believe a certain view or opinion based on fear and scare tactics is terrorism in its purest form.

  • The Pope has the right to justify journalism

    The Pope recently criticized those journalists that use fear mongering, saying it is terrorism. He has every right to criticize journalism. Every citizen is entitled to an opinion, and to be able to express it, even the Pope. He speaks out on issues that are important to him, helping keep the world's compass.

  • Yes, the pope has a right to criticize journalism.

    The pope recently criticized journalism that he says uses fear mongering to create distrust and anxieties. The pope has a right to criticize journalism. However, the pope's words can also be ignored. People do not have to listen to what the pope's opinions are on every topic in the universe.

  • No, the Pope does't have the right to say this

    No, the Pope shouldn't make such a claim, and even though everyone has the right to criticize journalism, it is dangerous to say that journalism is a kind of terrorism. It is wrong for journalists to raise fear, but it is far from terrorism. Fear itself is dangerous because people do many unreasonable things out of fear. Journalism has to objective and based on facts.

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