Pope tells women to feel free to breastfeed in church. Will his more modern approach gain the church a greater following?

  • Yes it will.

    The reason people are turning away from religion is because it is not compatable with modern science and moral standards. In other words, religion is growing obsolete. Pope Francis however, is tying religion and modernity together. Unlike most people of his religion, he is forgiving abortions, accepting of LGBT people, uses and listens to scientific reasoning, and overall is more tolerant. He states that the bible is a metaphore for God's word. Let's be honest, if everyone took the bible litterally and followed all of it's rules, America would have something similar to Sharia law. As a non-christian, what he is saying about the bible may be wrong, but his interperetation will make christianity look better to the rest of the world.

    As for the breast feeding, I feel like the woman should go somewhere private or ask everyone nearby if it's okay. Breast feeding isn't wrong to do (Nor would it bother me personally), but the mother should be polite and consider the fact that it will bother some people in public.

  • Yes, I believe that more modern approaches will gain the church greater popularity.

    I think this kind of common sense change can only be a good thing. Nudity has come to be seen as innately evil. I don't want people running down the street with no clothes on. However, a woman feeding her baby in church is a beautiful and natural thing that should be celebrated, not shunned.

  • Might lighten the mood

    The Catholic church has long been known as stuffy and uptight, more so than most others. With the Pope opening his mind to things such as breastfeeding and forgiving women who have abortions, he is showing true humanity. There is a way to be both truly loyal to your religion while also being a decent and honorable human being, and I think the Pope is doing a good job of both. With this mentality, the church just might see a return or influx of followers.

  • Yes, many people are unhappy with the Church's conservatism.

    Having grown up Catholic and around many other Catholics, I have noticed that many of my friends, family members and other acquaintances have left or drifted away from the Catholic Church, often because of the fact that it is out of touch with reality, especially the younger generations and women. I won't personally return to the Church, but I can see that Pope Francis is exactly what the Church needed. He will inspire the younger generations, and also women, to stay in the Church because of his ability to connect to so many different groups of people.

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  • Urinating and feces occurs in bathrooms, and so should this.

    LMAO. Next, they should start urinating and eliminating feces there as well. No one should have to see people's filthy naked private body parts, which is why washrooms are made. But whites will do anything. There is a limit to things, and it is utter trash to do something like that in front of everyone. Why not urinate in front of everyone as well? People in poor countries do it all the time - but that isn't 'allowed', is it?

  • No this won't gain the church a greater following

    This is only a more modern approach because the church is worried about it's declining following. In the past they did things like the crusades, thankfully these days the church wouldn't be able to get away with murdering hundreds of thousands of people to gain more followers. Instead it has to use other more subtle tactics. It's a pathetic religion and most people won't fall for it's PR tactics.

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