• Yes it is

    This Pope seems to truly embody the love and concern for social justice that many of us believe stems from Jesus and the New Testament. I really like what he said and believe that God can forgive anything. I am pro choice, but believe that if we can avoid abortions by better access to contraception and increased medical care. This Pope is a man of God, and I appreciate his message of forgiveness.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Abortion is still illegal in many parts of the world, resulting in an estimated 21 million women seeking out clandestine procedures every year. The Pope has taken a step in the right direction but there are many more steps to be taken to ensure that unsafe abortion is a thing of the distant past.

  • Yes, it is.

    Abortion should not be treated as severely as it is. Many catholics will not agree with this decision, but women who have to make the terrible decision about whether or not to abort a baby will not be ostracized and leave the church as a result, which will be better and healthy for the church

  • Pope's abortion decision is a thing

    Pope's abortion decision is a thing. The crypto-christian wing of the catholic religion must be having collective heart attacks at this pope. He is so liberal that I can't believe there is not a recall election on his pontificity. How can he be in favor of forgiving someone who kills a harmless baby who had no choice to have his life taken from him? This pope is a disgrace.

  • Who is he?

    Okay, so we have the ELECTED leader of the catholic church who is supposed to be the vicar of Christ here on earth... I dont remember Jesus telling us to kill a child because we decided we dont want it... Thats pretty heavy decision that the pope has no right to say is okay. From a human perspective, i think it should be the womans choice only in the event of rape, etc... If a woman has sex, ends up pregnant and then decides she doesnt want it, or it conflicts with what she wants to do with her life, too bad. You made your choice already... People keep saying pro choice, its up to the woman... If she wasnt raped, molested, etc, then she DID make her choice already... The pope should be preaching about responsibility, about how every life is a gift from GOD and is important... Not saying its okay if you decide to kill a child... And yes, a CHILD... If its not really a child, then youre not really pregnant.

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