Populist Timothy Canova's challenger, Debra Wasserman, stars in raising funds but do you feel she has a chance of winning?

  • She is a superstar

    It won't be easy, but Debra Wasserman is more than just a fundraiser, she is a political powerhouse. She has made a lot of strong friends in the party that can endorse and support her, and as head of the DNC she knows how to win elections, that will work in her favor.

  • Debra Wasserman has a slim chance of winning, but still a chance

    From the looks of things, Debra Wasserman is a career politician so I would say she definitely knows how to work the system by now. However, she does seem to be siding against her own party in some instances, has been the subject of many recall petitions and under scrutiny for not scheduling debates. All this leads me to believe that if she does have a chance, its not a great one, especially since the opposition seems to be favorable.

  • Wasserman doews have a chance

    Wasserman does have a chance in defeating Canova. Raising funds is a good proxy indicator of electoral viability. It also indicates at least some support from middle class constituents and business owners. While populism is running strong in some parts of the US, many voters prefer the stability and certainty associated with an incumbent candidate. This may well apply to FL which has a large demographic of older voters.

  • No, Debra Wasserman is losing ground.

    No, Debra Wasserman does not have a chance of winning. Over the course of the last four years representative Debra Wasserman has been increasingly alienating her liberal and democratic base. She’s continued to take “big money” from corporations, and has made too many deals with conservative interest groups. Her popularity is quickly vanishing. This is in stark contrast to Timothy Canova whose popularity is rising at an unprecedented rate. With almost a year left – at this rate – populist Canova will easily surpass the dwindling support for Wasserman who has little chance of winning.

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