Pork spending: Are politicians justified in seeking "pork" spending for their home states?

  • Yes, Across America Pork Means Jobs and Income

    Each Congressional representative is hired by a particular constituency
    to be their man or woman in Washington. If a politician is from Vermont, his
    job is to look out for Vermonters. The way Congress works, Senators and
    Representatives negotiate until everyone has a deal they can brag about
    before the next election. Each negotiates hard, to get reelected and incidentally
    to look after the interests of the people back home. This system gives each voter an
    advocate in Washington.

  • Yes, That Is Who They Represent

    Yes, I believe "pork", or specific beneficial spending for their home states or home districts is completely justified. As a representative of their constituency, they have an obligation to at least attempt to make decisions that will benefit their communities. Because representatives from all parts of the nation are present, it seems that "pork" spending for all parts of the nation would actually be more representative than not.

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