Pornographic theater and art: Can pornographic or sexual acts be considered "theater" or "art"?

  • Make Love, Not War

    Pornographic or sex acts can be considered art if done tastefully to further the plot of whatever piece is being performed. Sex for sex's sake is too far. The most interesting thing in this argument is the American movie rating system. Movies get an R rating for too much killing and violence. Yet movies get an NC-17 rating if there is too much sex. Let's make love, not war. Change the rating system and stop exposing kids to violence.

  • Pornography is in the mind of the viewer

    Yes pornography can be considered art. While pornograpic laws to protect children are needed an adult should be free to make their own decisions on pornography. If they view it as art and theater then they have a right to do so. Too much censorship is not good for the country.

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