Pornography: Does pornography add/subtract from relationships?

  • Yes, I think that porn can add to a relationship.

    Every relationship relies on a number of factors to work well. One of the more important factors is sex. Sometimes when you've been in a relationship for a certain amount of time, the flame can flicker out. Therapists often tell couples to try mixing it up when it comes to their sex life. Using porn in the bedroom can help bring back some of the excitement.

  • Pornography subtracts value from relationships.

    While some might argue that pornography adds spice back into their lives, it really has a habit of objectifying sex. When people watch pornography, they begin to have differing views about what their partner should be capable of or willing to do, rather than just appreciating that person as a unique individual. People suddenly have something to live up to, and the "reality" presented in pornography is not really attainable.

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