• Yes, it provides extra room.

    Yes, Porsche's new SUV is practical for those who can afford it, as it provides more trunk space and roomier seats for passengers. Being a Sport Utility Vehicle, this Porsche model is perfect for families who like to spend time in the outdoors, particularly the mountains, as it will fit all of the neccessary equipment.

  • Top of the line.

    Yes, I think that Porsche's new SUV is practical, because there is no reason that something cannot be practical just because it is a Porsche. Porsches are intended to be top of the line, but you don't make an SUV unless it is functional. They want people to buy their SUVs and tell their friends they are functional.

  • I't not meant to be practical

    Well, I am a big fan of Porsche and I currently own two models from this magnificent car brand. However, I haven't purchased the new SUV, but I think that this debate most focused on weather this model was meant to be practical or not, because it certainly is luxurious.

  • No, looks like a rich persons suv

    Great, an overpriced SUV that will waste gas, helping ruin our Ozone trying to be a sports car! Porsche's are, well, Porsche's. I do not think of driving to a soccer game to pick up my kids covered in mud in my Porsche. It is not practical unless you can afford it I suppose.

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