• Yes, it is indeed amazing.

    This game changed my perspective on life, no joke. Video games ARE an art form, and this is what I would consider high art. The story, acting, atmosphere, level design, game mechanics, and aesthetics come together to make an amazing testament to the art video games can be. We also shouldn't overlook the first game! Both games are beaming with quality. Plus the easter eggs are pretty cool too. You simply must play the Portal games.

  • Funniest game in existence.

    Love Portal! It deserves all the success it has since it's just pure genius. The game is quirky, challenging, interesting and most certainly fun to play. Furthermore, Valve is also extremely awesome for making Portal, TF2 and the Half Life series. However, they better release Half Life 3 in the next ten years or they are screwed.

  • No Kidding Here

    I had no idea how old Ellen McClain was until I saw her face in Wish It Inc. But never mind that, this game here is truly inspiring, amazing, and the somewhat emotional definition of AWESOME. I can't tell you how many times I've played it all the way, I just love it (well, playing the actual game, anyway, I can't stand all the spinoff fan crap) and love it and can't wait for the in-between game Conversion.

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