Portrayal of women in mass media: Does mass media fairly portray women?

  • Men and Women both want to see attractive women

    By and large both genders and all demographics want to see attractive women in the media. We live in a capitalistic system and if people didn't want to see pretty women, they wouldn't. It's not some evil sexist man who wants to see women not succeed, it's smart businessmen who know that sex sells.

  • A Little Too Fairly

    You say "sexism" and people think "women's rights". This is because what is considered mainstream today has been changed by the media and the leftist politicians so that women, minorities, gays, and the environment get preference rather than men, whites, straight people, and business. I think these things should be balanced and completely forgotten. This is what will happen eventually.

  • Women are fairly portrayed

    Yes, I think that the mass media correctly portrays women and shows them as hard working individuals. I think there was a time when women were not portrayed as hard working individuals, but as times have changed I think that they are now shown as just as good as men if not better.

  • Sadly no. This applies to men as well

    Men AND women are unfairly portrayed in the media. Women: Pretty, skinny, clean, sex objects for heterosexual men, caring for kids, etc. Men: dirty, lazy, dumb, worthless, rapists, wife beaters, criminals, love sports not kids, etc. Little girls and boys will get the idea that this it ACCEPTABLE! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • We are portrayed as skinny sex objects! Theres little kids watching tv and they see almost nude women on every commercial. Its awful and disgraceful!

    The ads are always doing yoplait for women or women are always losing weight in ads. And women are always shown on tv doing laundry and washing dishes! Laundry example is oxi clean. They will say "moms used baking soda but now theres a new solution to tough greasy stains.."(something like that) and then for dishes, the 2 girls standing by the dish washer with dirty glasses and then theres a gel pack for the dishwasher "all in 1". Its stupid cuz they still portray women in the kitchen. Doing housework, and not working -_- we wouldnt be home doing the things in the commercial becuz us women would be working...False advertisement.....Lol its pathetic

  • Women are not portrayed fairly in the media!

    Well for one thing the whole " Natural look" isn't really natural. No woman/ teen girl wears that much make up just as a natural look. And also all of the poses that they do are sexual in some way. Portraying women as a sex object. Lastly you never see a woman in the media who is smart and beautiful. Its always one or the other.

  • Mass media is guilty of stereotyping women.

    On the whole, women are not fairly portrayed by mass media. Women are still stereotyped, portrayed as fulfilling narrowly defined gender roles. Media often focuses on appearance of women, rather than accomplishments. Young women and girls are often highly sexualized in media, and women are still rarely portrayed as autonomous, complex individuals.

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