Post-Convention boost for Obama: are his approval ratings the highest ever?

  • Yes, the ratings for Obama are at the highest

    The DNC was a boost for Obama with great emotional speakers and a positive tone for the future. It also helped to remind voters of what Obama has accomplished in 8 years. The stark contrast of Obama to Trump shows just how much we have taken for granted during the Obama years.

  • I believe Obama's appoval ratings are the highest they have been in a long time.

    Obama's approval ratings are very high and possibly higher now than they were early on in his presidency. This is interesting because in many cases a president in their last few months in office experience lower ratings. In President Obama's case it could be due to the possibility of Donald Trump succeeding him or even Hillary Clinton, both having different views and approaches to long-debated issues.

  • Yes, Obama's approval ratings are the highest ever post-convention.

    Yes, Obama's approval ratings are the highest ever following the convention because he offered a charismatic and powerful speech that justified his accomplishments in office. The disdain toward both presidential candidates has also boosted his popularity. Obama's character is more honest and genuine than Trump or Clinton, which is why he is now gaining more approval.

  • Obama's approval is highest

    President Obama's approval ratings are near his all-time high following the convention. Many are looking back at his accomplishments, including a vastly improved economy since he took office. People also appreciate that he has fought a Republican Congress that is intent on blocking his agenda. Many also agree with stances on social issues.

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