• I think so!

    Wow! He got 55,000 + just to make some potato salad?! That's craziness! It had to be some sort of publicity stunt or there has to be something behind it i',m not seeing, there are many more worthy causes that need funding from some guy who's never made potato salad before and now a bunch of strangers want to try it.... I'm confused on the whole situation.

  • Potato salad crowd funder was a publicity stunt.

    The potato salad crowd funder was done to bring awareness to the potato salad. Bringing awareness is a publicity stunt, and can actually work well. When a publicity stunt is done, many people are shown the item that is trying to get shown, in this case, the potato salad. This could help raise popularity of the potato salad and sales could increase.

  • No, I do not agree that the potato salad crowd funder just made a publicity stunt.

    I do not agree that the potato salad crowd funder just made a publicity stunt. I believe he was testing the limits of what crowd funding can be used for. It is now apparent that even simple tasks can use fundrasing through crowd funding to achieve their goals, no matter how simple.

  • Potato salad fundraiser a genuine hit

    The recent trend of crowd-sourced fund raising campaigns has shown the general population will give to any cause at a viral pace. The potato salad fund raising is not merely a publicity stunt. Since the fund raising earned nearly $55,000 dollars, it demonstrates that people will get behind a viral trend and donate money even if it becomes a joke within itself after a while. To the credit of the person asking for funding, they certainly did make an effort to make an inclusive experience for anyone who wished to donate instead of just keeping all the extra revenue.

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