Pouring the perfect Guinness: Does pouring a Guinness correctly really make a difference?

  • Beer drinkers feel it is important.

    From what I understand, foam is as important to a beer drinker as the nose of a wine is to a sommelier. With that in mind, the taste of a beer is based on ingredients, how they were brewed, and how the beer was stored. If there is such importance put on all of that, then of course how you pour a Guinness makes a difference.

  • The Pour changes Everything

    To truly enjoy a Guinness the way it was meant to be drunk, it must poured properly. It is a simple technique, but it can take the beer from ordinary or mundane to extraordinary. The pour can affect the flavor and texture of the beverage so it is imperative to be poured right to enjoy it in its ideal form.

  • Pouring Guinness the right way is an art

    Yes, there is a right way to pour Guinness. It does make a difference in taste and appearance. SInce this product has been around for 225 years, with millions sold everyday, you know it is something special. Ideally, two parts are required to achieve a velvet black beer with a creamy white head leveled just over the glass rim. To continue this long-standing tradition, the person pouring the beer should choose a tulip-shape pint glass and tip the glass at a 45-degree angle. Secondly, pull the tap toward you, and conduct a double pour. Pour until the glass is three-quarters full, stop, and allow the beer to settle, The fill up the remainder of the glass. The perfect pour takes some time, but it is worth the wait.

  • It's an art

    To the people who make Guinness, presenting the perfect pint of beer is a work of art. In the hospitality industry, presenting a piece of food well is as important as the taste of the food. So when someone drinks Guinness, they want it to appear perfect. That way, they can enjoy the view of it as well as how it tastes.

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