• Test of character

    There are those who say, "Power corrupts", and others, like Plato who argue that power can bring out a person's true colors. His story, The Ring of Gyges conveys that; a magic ring allows its wearer to become invisible. An ability such as that can permit someone to do anything they want without repercussion. If someone uses it for selfish or destructive ends, then that is their true self. On the other hand, a truly just person would use it without succumbing to any temptation. This also applies to being wealthy; money is power.

  • Power brings out a person's character

    The essence of power is ideally service to whoever has donated it. However more often than note the donee notches up to masterhood and the donor down to servitude when the donee asserts himself as a master or rather a dictator. . Which brings out his tendencies. . . . True to what President Lincoln said.

  • I have to agree and heres why

    When you gain power you gain ability. And what you do with that ability is what shows your character. Example. Power makes you superior. This gives you the ability to treat your inferior like crap but doesnt change what they deserve at all so treating them like crap when they have done nothing to deserve it would show that you are not a very good person. You cant deserve to be treated like crap because of what you have been given. The only way to come to deserve something is to earn it. So your intelligence spirit or morality does not make your happiness more important than that of an animals yet we buy and sell them as property for our pleasure. Its no different than slavery. Power gives you the ability to treat others like crap but most certainly doesnt give you the right. Without the power you will treat everyone nice whether your have the wrong reasons or the right ones so there is no way of telling unless you have power. Maybe then god put animals here to see how we would treat inferior beings to know how he should treat us. I dont believe in god but what if?

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