• It's worth it.

    It's definitely worth it, but because of the money that you can win. The lottery (all forms, not just Powerball) fund various scholarships that help our best and our brightest go to college. This helps our young people make something of themselves. Put the money into the lottery and know that you're helping our kids.

  • I can give up a soda to buy a ticket a week

    I have no problem with giving up a soda for a day to be able to buy a ticket. If you only buy a couple with the understanding that most people will never win anything. I think that there is no problem with it. When you get to spending your rent money, thinking that you are going to win, I have a issue with.

  • It isn't worth it.

    The odds of winning are so vastly low that by the time that you win odds are that you will have already paid more than the prize. It is comparable to making various stashes of money and forgetting where most of them are. Putting money under your mattress is a better investment.

  • It's a poor tax.

    No, playing the lotto is not worth the risk, because it's the same thing as giving your money to the government in taxes. If you were to take all the money that a person spends playing the lottery, and put it in a savings account, every person who plays the lottery would "win" in the end.

  • No, the lottery is not worth it

    The odds of winning the lottery are 1:(49!/42!) - mathematically you take a massive loss every time you play the PowerBall. Given that there are other, far more stable and secure investments available that require a minimum of effort and provide a far greater return rate, it is my belief that trying to win the lottery is the wrong way to try to make money and is not worth the price of admission.

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