Pre-selecting sex of children: Do parents have free-choice to select the sex of their children?

  • Choosing a Sex is Okay

    If parents have in vitro fertilization, they have the right to choose which of their eggs will be implanted. If they want to choose only boys or only girls or one of each, that is okay. If they are choosing to abort babies until they get the right sex, though, that is wrong.

  • Sex Selection is Just Another Technology

    While many may not agree with it, parents do have the right to use available technology during fertility treatments, which includes sex selection when using technology like preimplantation genetic diagnosis. I don't think the practice should be encouraged, and personally wouldn't use it, but I believe that people have the right to make their own private family decisions based on their own values and morals, and that includes sex selection of embryos.

  • Who cares about girls anyways

    Women don't need any rights either way, men are the dominate gender of this world. We can create wombs so baby's are born. God doesn't need to decided anything I don't know why she is complaining. Men should be allowed to make more men, this is a man ruled world, girls should be born every once in a while to cook food and stuff.

  • Leave Things to God

    We were not created to pick the sex of our children. This should be left to God. Just imagine if we all
    were able to choose the sex of our children. Humanity would possibly die out. What if there were more boys than girls? That could possibly encourage becoming homosexual.

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