Pre-selecting sex of children: Will gender selection mean children will be more likely loved by parents?

  • Yes it would

    100% it would mean they would be more loved by parents. Whenever someone is pregnant, she and the baby daddy always have a certain gender they are hoping to have it be and when they find out the sex it can lead to disappointment. By being able to prechoose the gender of your baby everyone can get what they want and be happy.

  • Children are equal

    Who cares if it's a girl or a boy because it's your baby and you should love it no matter the gender. Some people want a boy cuz they think males are superior. Some people want girls cuz they think females superior. Who cares a person is a person and all children should be loved

  • No, pre-selecting sex of children will not result in them being more loved by parents.

    No, in my opinion pre-selecting the sex of children will not result in them being more loved by their parents. I believe that one does not truly realize their love for a child until they are born. Some parents who did not plan on a child can change and now can not imagine a life without a child.

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