Pre-selecting sex of children: Would it help avoid illegal means of gender selection?

  • You can save infants!

    In some places, helpless baby girls are killed because they are girls instead of boys. By Pre-selecting the gender of a baby, no more infants will be killed through no fault of their own. If everyone is able to select a gender, people will be happier. This does not mean I think that boy should be selected for, I just think it will help stop infanticide.

  • We should legalize pre selecting.

    We should be able to pre select the gender of our children. So many people are disappointed when it comes to the gender of their children and pre-selecting the sex would help rid of the disappointment as well as illegal means of gender selection that occur in todays overall society.

  • yes it would help

    especially in countries where infanticide is horrifically common, this would be great. with this service they will not longer be murder millions of babies in secrecy or selling those of the "wrong" gender into slavery, trafficking, or across borders. If this system was adopted it would surely begin to right a wrong

  • It just shouldn't matter what gender your child is.

    I really don't see how this is an issue. I don't believe that people who end up being 'disappointed' because their child wasn't the gender they wanted them to be are good examples to be using; those people should not be regarded as good parents for the purposes we're discussing. What biological gender your child is should be an absolute non-issue. There is absolutely no good reason to desire one over the other.

    As for nations where such things as sex-selective abortion, actual infanticide, slavery or human trafficking are common or worse, legal, this doesn't help the argument in the slightest; those things are all absolutely horrific, and should be neither legal nor accepted on any level. The best way to prevent them is to punish the people committing them, not by encouraging the barbaric attitudes that lead to them and merely eliminating the real-world consequences of those attitudes. Quality of life and attitude of parents toward children should have absolutely nothing to do with gender. Period.

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