Predator drones: Do you support the use of drones during war?

  • Drone during wartime is a very smart idea.

    Using predator drones during a way is a smart idea for our military to do. The use of drones allows us to go into an area where there is potential danger and do what we need to do without having the risk of a casualty. Any situation where we can reduce casualty and get the job done, for the most part, is always a good idea.

  • Lets save human lives

    The use of drones not only allows us to go places and see thing that we would not normally be able to do but also allows us to prevent human casualties. If we can send a machine in and see that an area has children for instance we then know that we need to be cautious. Or what if a place is armed and we can send a drone in to first eliminate the threat and then send our solders in to a safe environment every life is worth that.

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