Prescription drug costs: Should the Federal Government make it easier for generic drugs to be marketed?

  • The cost of drugs are to high.

    The price of manufacturing generic drugs is very low, however the pharmaceutical companies are making vast profits on their sale. It is now time for the government to step in a put a cap on the price on some generic drugs, so as to make them more affordable to everyone.

  • Yes, the Federal Government should make it easier for generic drugs to be marketed.

    Yes, the Federal Government should make it easier for generic drugs to be marketed and sold to the public. The convoluted and ruthless private insurance system already proves to be detrimental enough to the health of Americans. The government should do all they can to ensure that patients at least get access to the medications they need.

  • No the federal government should not reduce the requirement to bring a generic drug to market.

    The federal government has both the responsibility and the accountability for protecting the American public's health and well-being. To that end the Food and Drug administration (FDA) should not lower the standards governing the introduction of generic drugs. Generic drugs should be held to the same standards that apply to their brand name counterparts.

  • Yes, they should.

    Patents on name brand drugs do not help anyone besides the CEO's of the companies that make them. Making the availability of generic drugs more accessible would help ensure the health and welfare of the people of this nation. It would have a great deal of benefits to the general public.

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