Preserved dinosaur tail found: Were fossils planted by Satan to test Christians?

  • Yes, I think so.

    If dinosaurs were around for millions and millions of years before us (and modern human beings have around for tens of thousands of years), then why were dinosaurs only discovered recently? If their bones were here this whole time, wouldn't people in the Renaissance have found them? Middle ages? Roman empire? Cave men?

    It's highly convenient that right around the time that Darwin came out with his theory of evolution (and there was absolutely no evidence that any of it was true) that - poof! - hey, look, million-year old dinosaur bones everywhere!

  • People in the ancient world found fossils

    ...Including Herodotus, Strabo, and Lucretius. Honestly, you can see for yourself if you google "history of paleontology in the ancient world (and/or medieval world)". The ancient Greeks recognized from marine fossils that Egypt was covered by an ocean at some time in the past and even started developing evolutionary theory. Our understanding of evolution is based on countless points of data that people have been gathering for thousands of years now. There is no impirical evidence to contradict evolution or the existence of dinosaurs. It doesn't make you a bad Christian if you use your brain to observe the world around you and learn to think critically. The Bible also talks about the "four corners of the world", but that doesn't mean you should reject the fact that the Earth is spherical. It means that people who lived in the Middle East more than 2000 years ago didn't yet realize the world was not flat and it was written in a way they could understand.

  • Dinosaur are aliveatthezoo

    Dinosaur are real because modern crocodilian are real they are only living dinosaur on the date of dinosaur I did not really look at that but this is clear the advance thecodont live which is the true dinosaur the gator. These reptile have a bipedal tail they are only thecodont with those feature that why pterosaur is a dinosaur and is support by unique occified tendon found in duck bill dinosaur there finger toe are Webb .Armor crown skull crest clearly they were flightless and are very aquatic with smooth skin all so have crocodilian tail which is hybrid dinosaur bipedal tail dinosaur tail all so found in dwarf caiman of today .The false claim that protosuchus is the ancestor of crocodilian is a joke it's not for educated people it's put out there bird are dinosaur scientist because they do not want you to know the truth first thing protosuchus has 5 finger claws snout is small .Nose go forward like a land animal and does not have flat skull and it's true dinosaur it lack lacrimal fenestra and sensoritive face dot skin .Creation people made this thing go on for too long because bad education I know some professor are lier all so saw same thing that i write from them but with poor detail all they have to do use crocodilian evolution there is lot of thing on net easy by Google search make a youtube video the dwarf crocodile was found in 1800 it has frill dinosaur skin which mean shield like shieldcroc its in Greek the scientific name for dwarf crocodile. On ankle fusion it's tibia and fibula. Arm of gator is smaller than the leg a bipedal feature and it has warm blooded heart and it can really take the cold and hoax goes on and on.

  • Stop believing everything the Bible says.

    Some things in the Bible are true, but many others are not. There is no denying this. Evolution is real. Fossils were not planted by the devil or Satan. That idea is crazy. Religion is not bad but it should not be taken so seriously that you believe all of it is true.

  • Dinosaur are alive

    Maybe not Satan but tabloid media that keep defame crocodilian were the clear scientific evidence says clearly say modern crocodilian is a dinosaur from the tyrannosaur group the advance tyrannosaur group mesoeucrocodylia they descendant from early mesoeucrocodylia spinosauridae .Creat_____ bird protoavis is Triassic modern bird date does not match there are no link with bird and dinosaur crocodilian do not have pineal gland it's occified tendon is dinosaur bird do not have wider skull that why all maniraptoran are bird and are not dinosaur bird tail is nothing like dinosaur there finger and toe do not match which do not support walking evolution like mammal. Bird are not thecodont thecodont mean crocodilian teeth they know dinosaur were crocodilian from70s with fossil fine like proterochampsa which clearly has fuse dinosaur ankle to tibia femur and palate science is old science clearly link spinosauridae with modern crocodilian with mesoeucrocodylia feature fully secondary bony palate and clearly dinosaur are primitive only have 2 bone fuse to braincase modern crocodilian has 6 like mammal .Allso crocodilian only has 3finger claws like theropod and large grasping thump claw even thou finger are quadrupedal and common for reptile to grow finger back simple dinosaur is just primitive crocodilian that why most are dead and spinosaurus sail link them to crocodilian because it's hump neural spine lack neural arch which is part of death roll system add fully secondary bony palate you have death roll system spinosauridae modern crocodilian only reptile with those feature it's a mesoeucrocodylia feature allso crocodilian have most sensoritive face out any any animal which is found in advance dinosaur all so is bipedal even thou lost there bipedal brain they have smaller brain than dinosaur some gator fossil mesoeucrocodylia type when back to dinosaur type bipedalism so they have dinosaur bipedal brain.Simple this story is not for educated most educated scientist laugh at report it's a hoax tabloid hire trouble making scientist yeah another one of those

  • No, fossils were not planted by Satan to test Christians.

    No, fossils were not planted by Satan to test Christians. There is no scientific evidence that suggest that the fossil record is a Satanic conspiracy that was created to shake the incorrect belief of Christians that the world is only a few thousand years old. These fossils are real and should be treated as such.

  • No, fossils were not planted by Satan to test Christians.

    Fossils were not planted by Satan to test Christians, they are simply the preserved remnants of creatures that lived in the past, much like mummies or the bones of human bodies. The scientific community has evidence to back-up this idea while the religious community does not have evidence to prove the existence of Satan, let alone the idea that Satan planted fossils.

  • Of course fossils were not planted by Satan

    The only evidence to support religion is books which could have been written by anyone. Science on the other hand has evidence to support evolution amongst other things that completely disprove what is said in the bible. The idea that fossils were planted by Satan is ridiculous and has no evidence what so ever.

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