• What Con actually said? F*** the world.

    Habitats, Like forests and lakes, Etc. , Produce the most valuable resource of all. Sweet, Sweet oxygen. If you want more factories, Go to Mars first.
    By the way, I'd like to see you uphold that stance with your head in the mouth of a lion. The ultimate test of a man's belief is his willingness to die for it.

  • Humans are PART of nature and dependant on it, Must live in responsible way towards it

    We Humans are PART of nature and dependant on it, Must live in responsible way towards it, Lest we destory earth and ourselves as well! We derive vitial nutrients water & food and living space part of Earth, . Friendly (non-hostile) wildlife are our precious comrades and friends.
    Don't let Earth become lifeless too soon!

  • Of Course It Is!

    There are so many reasons why taking care of and conserving our environment is important. First of all, Many recreational activities from which the government and businesses profit from are based on the outdoors and take place in a natural aesthetic. These include tourism, Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Hiking, And the harvesting of various plants and fungi. Those create diversity in the economy and are more important than "a few more factories. " This also allows a diversity in the food we harvest, With commercial fisheries especially. I assume you don't want the only fish you eat to be farm-raised salmon and tilapia for the rest of your life because most wild fish species have perished due to pollution and a lack of habitat conservation. Also, Not that this would be important to those who never get outside and don't give a damn, But it's actually nice to enjoy a beautiful countryside on your drive as you cut through a state or national park, Or just any countryside that is left mostly or completely untouched. It's also nice to hike through. I'm not saying that you need to become an over-the-top environmentalist, But note the importance of maintaining state and national parks, As well as supporting the environment and conservation of healthy ecosystems.

  • Fuck the wildlife!

    As I wise man once said, "Seize the means of production! " Imagine how much more land for infrastructure we could have without those stupid national parks! The only reason those parks exist is to make politicians look good and give something for capitalist pigs to invest tax payer money into to make themselves feel humble. Imagine what our economy could do with a few extra factories!

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