President Barack Obama is reportedly calling for Democrats to get behind Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders thinks this is absurd: Do you?

  • Yes, it's too early to get behing Hilary Clinton.

    Bernie Sanders has run an incredible campaign and represents the values of a significant percentage of Democratic primary voters. Despite the obstacles he has faced in running against Clinton, who is clearly favored by the establishment, Sanders has won a number of states and still has a shot at winning the delegate count. Sanders has done an excellent job winning the youth vote and his supporters are much more passionate than Clinton's supporters.

  • No, definitely not absurd

    Look, Bernie has had a very respectable run for president this year, and I think he's gotten a lot farther than people thought. Unfortunately, this still does not qualify him to be making these comments in a race that he is losing badly. Let's see if he can steal Hillary's superdelagates at the convention, then we can talk...

  • No, Sanders time has come and gone.

    I would agree with the President calling for the Democratic party to united around Hillary Clinton. While Sanders has run a great race, his time has now past. He has no plausible path to the nominations and should exit the race. President Obama is trying to accelerate this process by publicly calling for Sanders to leave the race.

  • I Guess what President Obama has Said coud be Interpreted that Way.

    The reason I said it could be interpreted that way is because the President hasn't come out in support of any candidate and won't. Why because by law he can't give support to any candidate for his office. Yes, he has made some favorable statements about Hilary and given their history I can understand why. But, no matter how the news media chooses to interpret it, he isn't coming out and telling Democrats to back her. Although, I understand why Bernie feels this could be happening because this is how it's being interpreted by the news media.

  • No, I do not think it is absurd that President Barack Obama is calling for Democrats to get behind Hillary Clinton.

    No, I do not think it is absurd that President Barack Obama is calling for Democrats to get behind Hillary Clinton because Clinton has far more delegates that Bernie Sanders and has won more states. At this point it looks like Hillary Clinton is definitely going to become the nominee and its time for the party to unite and support one candidate in order to soundly defeat the Republican presidential nominee.

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