President Bush impeachment: Should President Bush have been impeached?

  • He did 9/11

    The reason Bush should have been impeached is because when the planes went near the towers, Bush's bomb blew up and the planes disapereaed beacasue of accenitent Egyeption ways. Plus Bush has 4 letters in his name and the twin towers have 9 words 4 plus 9 is 11, then 11 dived by 9 is shown as 9/11. Bush did 9/11

  • Yes, Bush should have been impeached

    Bush should have been impeached for incompetence. His presidency was hijacked by the likes of Dick Chaney, who apparently oversaw the creation of a case against Hussein through selective interpretation of intelligence. Also, who completely violated his oath to protect and defend the Constitution by signing into law the Patriot Act.

  • President bush did what was best at the time for country

    President Bush's administration was a weak administration but I don't think that Bush should be impeached. The reason why everyone wanted to impeach was mainly because of the Iraq war. I think war on Iraq was right answer to what happend on 9/11. The war was to prevent anything like 9/11 to ever happend again.

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