President Duterte wants to kill rapists in case God doesn't exist: Does a loving God allow rape to happen on Earth?

  • My boy god just wants everyone to get some

    The man upstairs just wants everyone to get a little wet knob. Keep the men out of the murder per capita. We already have it bad enough. How a man supposed to preform without a reform. You know a man right when you hear an amen. Amen ja feel this

  • Lets be real here

    This is just the typical ''all the bad things are because of satan and good things all because of god'' bullshit, god created satan, therefore god created rape and cancer and miscarriages and every other terrible thing on it, god is PERFECT therefore he makes no mistake so clearly he wanted rape and mentally retarded people and all that to exist, just to give them a miserable life for his entertainment.

    Then there is the bible promoting rape, slavery, woman being property, what a lovely god he is

  • God doesn't support rape

    Rape is a human failing. A loving God has made all of His children spiritual and perfect. The more we realize this amazing identity, the less our human imperfections will appear and more evidence of God's deep and abiding love will be revealed. Therefore rape is not something that God has allowed, but rather evidence of our limited understanding of Him and who we really are.

  • God does not allow rape

    I am an atheist so I don't believe in God to begin with in big part for this reason. How can a god be loving and allow things like rape to happen? If he is all knowing and all powerful and actually cared about his people, things like rape would not happen.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Problem with this is you can literally say or prove anyone is a drug addict. Just inject them before killing them. Not only that but you can literally say anything. From what I understand is they really had the media, so anyone saying anything contradictory probably won't last too long.And he'd be 100% technically correct. Unless God proves otherwise. He's intimidating everyone into believing anything.

  • No, man is the reason for rape, not God

    The behavior of man is not always a good reflection of God. President Duterte is using religion is a distorted manner to serve his own purposes. The crimes of man need to be dealt with in a just way and this is not a religious consideration. There are many ways to punish rapists but killing should not be the only response.

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