President Ma is an idiot for encouraging "business" interests with China.

Asked by: TheBunnyAssassin
  • President Ma, so called PRESIDENT of Taiwan, is an idiot.

    What type of president supports the unification of his country with their ARCH NEMESIS?!? President Ma, under the false name of "business" dealings, hopes to unite Taiwan with the people's most hated country, China. In doing so, he has caused uprisings and rebellions to explode all across Taiwan! You really think this man should be the PRESIDENT?
    Btw, instead of defending his actions, he is hiding in the presidential home this minute. (oh yeah, its been like that for… hmmm… the entire extent of the protests)

  • Some people can see the writing on the wall

    In case people have missed it, China is a rising power. It is now the second largest economy in the world and growing rapidly. The idea that acknowledging a basic geopolitical fact, and adjusting policy accordingly, is somehow treasonous is silly. The relationship between China and Taiwan will have to be managed. Managing it in a what that allows the citizens of Taiwan to tap into the rising wealth of China and share the prosperity is hardly treason. Its reality. In fact, developing economic ties that are critical will give China pause before reaching a more bellicose conclusion which would jeopardize those economic ties. Doing the right thing has never been about popularity, but the alternative of antagonizing a rising power seems an exercise in utter futility.

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