President Obama commutes Chelsea Manning's prison sentence. Should Manning remain in prison?

  • She is a traitor.

    She leaked United States information and it that she aided the enemy. That is not a good thing and she deserves to be punished for her crimes. If people like her are having their sentences commuted, it won't seem like such a bad reason to commit that crime. So YES!

  • Yes, Manning should remain in prison.

    Chelsea Manning was convicted of turning over our secrets to Wikileaks: Manning is a traitor. President Obama was wrong to commute Manning's prison sentence, because it sends a bad message to those that might spy on America. Manning should face the consequences for her actions and remain in prison for the full term.

  • Manning is a traitor

    Chelsea Manning broke the laws of the United States a hundred times over. Regardless of people's opinions of her revelations, she caused an immense amount of disruption to American intelligence operations and damaged the ability of the country to fend off our enemies, exposing the U.S.'s vulnerabilities. Manning should certainly remain in prison.

  • She is a complicated case.

    Ultimately, Obama likely commuted Manning's sentence because it's practical to do so. Ultimately, it would have been very hard for the government to provide her with gender reassignment surgery. The government was getting sued and all kinds of things. It's just easier to let her out of prison so she has to pay for it herself.

  • She's done her time

    Chelsea Manning will have served seven out of her 35 years by the time she is released. Given her crime, prison doesn't seem to be the most suitable place for her. Why do we keep nonviolent people in prison, spending federal money to house and care for these people. Let's get her back on her own, living as a private citizen, where she will hopefully go on to support herself and live a crime-free life.

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