President Obama lobbying rules: Was President Obama right to exclude lobbyists from his administration?

  • Yes, lobbyists corrupt the government.

    Our constitution starts with "We the people". It does not start with "We the corporations". Due to this lobbyists have no place in the government of the United States. The government should have every right to contact people for more information about certain issues such as transportation as the government needs to. Their should not however be a lobbyist in the capital that the companies pick to represent them to get certain things accomplished.

  • No, lobbyists are often knowledgeable.

    No, President Obama was not right to exclude lobbyists from his administration, because lobbyists are often experts on their subject matter. Obama and his administration would benefit from having that knowledge on their staff. Lobbyists are also learned when it comes to how Washington DC works, and they would likely also have contacts within Congress that would be beneficial.

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