President Obama makes jokes about the report that Donald Trump is not allowed to write his own Tweets: Are these jokes unpresidential?

  • Obama is bad

    Obama is bad he has ruined the economy with his stooge obamacare and his anti free market policies we should hate obama obama sucks obama sucks and trump would make a good president and hillary sucks too i think the trump is the best and that he should be president and that hillary should be indicted

  • They should behave like adults.

    Nobody famous writes their own tweets. It is silly that presidential candidates are throwing proverbial shade with a president about tweets during an election for president. This is the highest sought office in the world, and they are fighting like a couple of school girls over online postings. The United States should be ashamed.

  • Yes, Obama is unpresidential.

    Yes, I do believe that when President Obama made jokes about the report that Donald Trump is not allowed to write his own, he was acting very unpresidential. President Obama seems to spend more time golfing, hanging out with celebrities, following sports and making appearances on television then he does acting as President.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    I've really been enjoying Obama's roast sessions these past few months. Anyone think Colbert or Bill Maher or someone else could hook him up with his own show post-presidency? He wasn't perfect by any stretch, but he always seemed to be the adult in the room. The man at least acts like as though how a president should be acting.

  • I don't feel the President's jokes about Donald Trump is unpresidential.

    The President should be able to joke about things that are comical. The fact the Donald Trump has no control over when or what he tweets and should have someone tweet for him or at least proofread his tweets. Particularly when Trump tweets comments about the President himself. This makes Obama no less presidential.

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